Saturday, April 2, 2016


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 It is this AGE thing.  I do enjoy driving and seeing the country roll by. I enjoy clouds and their constant formations and reforming, about as much as an adult as I did as a kid. On a good road this motor home is very comfortable.  Traffic jams are the least of our problems with snacks and a bathroom just steps away.

Rough roads are another story.  Noises bother my girl, so she takes the roaster pan and the cast iron skillet out of the oven and puts it on the bed.  She puts the microwave on the bed also because it rattles. The doors have locking snaps on them so if we do not forget they are not a problem.

We have a large bunge cord to bind the two kitchen chairs together and hold them in place.  Some have been curious about the refrigerator. Our refrigerator automatically goes to LP Gas when we unplug the electric.  WE also have 50 gals of fresh water and as much in holding tanks. 

 The last time we went thru Mississippi  to visit  Elvis's home town I noticed the state had a BIG problem of leveling the highway with the bridges. There was a big bump on both ends of most every bridge. The glasses and cups must stay separate or they will crack.  I cannot remember why we decided to drop down, we were in Memphis.

I mentioned traffic jams are no problem. I know I mentioned once a lady asked could her mother use the bathroom when we were in a 'three lane parking lot'.  We were VERY glad to assist. I for one know what it is like to need to use the restroom and one is not available.

I gave a guy some water for his radiator once. And have loaned many tools.

Being self contained makes driving a unique pleasure. BUT driving West of the Mississippi and East of California is in my humble opinion DRIVING PLEASURE COUNTRY. There are times all I see for miles may be a trucker.  I am asked about the terrain I prefer, I LOVE it all from the mountains, to the forest and plains to the desert. WE never get bored.  Life on the road is good.

(Can you tell I am getting 'Setting Fever', maybe grouchy like a setting hen. LOL)

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Elvis's dad's car a '39 Plymouth methinks.


betty said...

Definitely a home on wheels is your motor home! I agree with Sherry; I wouldn't like the noise either so I would be doing something similar to reduce it as much as possible while driving. I'm not much of a driver, but I make a great passenger :)


jack69 said...

Sorry about the extra post "Picture Books", it is an error and will be available tomorrow. It is this AGE thing.

Mevely317 said...

I used to love driving for hours on end! Unfortunately, these days I've challenges staying awake :)

That little front porch and swing looks really inviting :)

Unknown said...

I don't know how I miss some of your blogs. I think you get up in the middle of the night and write them. Speaking of travelling which we use to fly most of the places we had to go but we hadn't retired yet. I did enjoying flying to Hawaii which was long and fun. Glad to be retired and not fighting the traffic all the time. woopee

Rick Watson said...

You guys have travel down to a fine art.

Paula said...

I like Sherry's way of taking care of everything inside and you the outside.


I have wanderlust because we never go anyplace. But you guys have seen it all. you are lucky indeed even with a few inconveniences of travel.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two do have a wonderful life and your home on wheels is something I always dreamed of having. It wasn't mean to be for me, but I so enjoy your travels. I can imagine a bumpy ride would shake things up a bit, but Sherry seems to have it covered for sure. Hope all goes well and you'll once be on the road again!

Lisa said...

Im like Sherry. When we pack our suitcases in the car, I have to tape or tie down the zippers on them so I don't hear little clinging while on the road. Drives me crazy. Old cars with the rattling dash...Same thing.

Inconveniences make great stories.