Thursday, April 14, 2016

On the Road

We are moving south today, just a short run of a couple hours.  We are headed back to our home base to wait for our trip back to Durham to have the implant turned on.  That will be the 22nd of April.

If you live in a stick built house you don't have to worry about this, but we must get the Motor Home engine worked on. I am looking for a Diesel mech in my area. We might have to take it back to Cummings. I haven't had contact with friend Hank, he might know someone.

Anyway, we will visit with family for a few days.

Now a biggie in our area.  Our State has a problem with, who goes to which bathroom.

There has been a big controversy in North Carolina about that. Some businesses say they will depart, others say they will not move to NC, some say they  don't care due to the state decision.

To the ladies, seriously, would you like to step out of a stall and see this coming into your bathroom, of standing just outside your stall?  He identifies as a woman!

What about this?  He also identifies as a woman!

I may be ignorant, but I do not want these characters in my wife, granddaughter or great granddaughter's bathroom.
Just my opinion.

Am I using extreme photo's, yes, but being cuter would not change my mind.

My logic is you go where your plumbing fits.

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PS:  My mama and daddy didn't have to TRY to understand this stuff!

 The above is a Packard, my guess is 1953
Below is a Studebaker, 1949?



Have a safe trip. Enjoy family.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip! I too was seeing the picture for long time to get hold of them...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you are safely back home. It's Thursday morning here. Enjoy your family for awhile and hope you manage to find someone close by to fix your engine.

betty said...

I love your comment "go where your plumbing fits". I personally don't even like the "uni-sex" bathrooms some places have. Its only one room and locked but both can use. I like to keep it separate when I'm out in public like that. Home is a different story .

Safe travels and enjoy time with family :)


Lisa said...

OHhhhhh don't get me started on that bathroom mess. Its so ridiculous here in NC. I agree! Go where the plumbing fits!!! Its gotten so out of hand. I wish someone would but their foot down and say enough is enough!!!

Stay safe out there!

Paula said...

Wouldn't our parents be shocked at the antics going on now. I'm with you on this subject.

Mevely317 said...

Absolutely, I'm another in your corner.
Besides, I never liked Mr. Springstein that much to begin with. :)

Rick Watson said...

Hope you find a good mechanic that can fix your Motor home. Y'all travel safe.