Friday, April 15, 2016

‘Set in your ways!’

Dad’s Bouncing Baby
I’ve been bouncing all my life
Some fear I’ll never make a wife
Used to bounce on my daddy’s knee
And he was very proud of me.

Said I was darling every ounce
Yet all I could do was bounce and bounce
Couldn’t change for all the world
I was daddy’s bouncing baby girl.
 excerpt from a poem by Stella Kelly Poole

The above is from a book of poems written and published by Bonnie’s (Organic Discourse) ‘Granny’. I keep two books handy here at my little desk, Come Sing With Me by Granny Poole and The Conversation Piece, given to me by Myra (Respice, Prospice).

The words in the poem ‘Couldn’t Change for all the world’, tied to a line I read in the book from Myra:  Is there something that would shock the socks off your family and friends if you would do?

 And I thought we are all pretty predictable. And there are things that we never do, and would not think of doing.  Now I am not thinking of something immoral, illegal or political. Something like:  If my daddy had eaten a banana I would have fainted.  Something in his mind would NOT let him like a banana.

I have a good friend Dallas (I think everyone knows that). His last occupation (other than being the Attorney for Wiley Enterprises), was raising turkeys. Because of a childhood incident on a farm, he cannot stomach chicken, but eats turkey. So it I saw Dallas with a chicken leg, I would be shocked.

If I announced I was going to attend a Rock Concert (or any concert) my family would think I had flipped. (I have never been a Concert person, no matter the names involved). 

If Sherry would say “Let’s fly around the world!”  I would immediately take her to the doctor. She does not like to fly.
So, what about you? What would be out of character for you to do?
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Mevely317 said...

Gosh, I'm most comfortable ASKING these sorts of questions than answering them. Love the hypothetical, and I'm so
tickled you enjoy the book, Jack!

To answer your question? Off the top of my head?
If I were to suggest a baseball game, I hope those who know me best would question my sanity.

betty said...

I would be like Sherry since I don't like to fly either. That and if I suggested a 5 mile hike my husband would think I was crazy.


Unknown said...

I think if I ever got ORGANIZED, I would shock several people.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am stuck in my ways for sure. If I were to do anything at all other than what I do, it would shock my family. They pretty much count on me to be there for them when every I'm needed. On the occasion that I'd say no they'd be shocked for sure.

Lisa said...

I have no idea as I am always up for anything. I like to be spontaneous and always willing to try anything once. My husband on the other hand is completely opposite.

I have never flown either

Unknown said...

I was not crazy about flying and glad I don't have to fly any more. I don't
like Rock Concerts not my kind of music. Speaking of poems I remember you
in Mrs. Grills class and the poem "I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree. I know you remember, can you still recite the poem??

Paula said...

I would sooner eat dirt then liver. Family would be surprised it I did.


Loved Paula's comment about liver . That would shock my family too. But about 10 years ago I developed a taste for it. Ate it regularly for about a year. Now wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Weird. And SHOCKING.

Rick Watson said...

I'd have to give that one some thought.