Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Things are looking good for me.

 Things are going well here at the recuperative RV.  I had some light headedness (What ever that means? It is how I felt), but it is mostly gone now. I never experienced any real PAIN.
 WE are now up to walking four or five miles. Starting at the lake and our friends the ducks. (expecting food)
 Into the woods, using the 4 wheeler tracks we stay mostly in the woods.

 We were surprised at the number of trees missing since being here 2-3 years ago.
 Some of the trees twisted and broke, some took the ball with them and fell.
 We go down by the Yadkin River and walk around this bottom land. it is a bout 3/4 mile around this section.  It is normally planted in corn, There is a field half this size further than you can see.

 This is the path along the river for about 1/3 mile. Love the violets growing most everywhere.

 Back to Forest Lake and the cottages they rent.
 After the round trip, we are back to our waiting RV.
Sherry always likes to sit a few minutes to 'cool off''.

Our path into the woods starts just to the left of where Sherry is sitting and goes down toward the Yadkin River.  I don't think I have ever seen the Yadkin clear.  Maybe it is naturally muddy. It flows very fast. At a guess, it appears to be flowing at 5-6 MPH which is fast for a stream in North Carolina not in the mountains.

Nite Shipslog.

My favorite, the 1955 Chevy.
I did buy one once, this color, but 4 dr. I paid $50 for it. The car was originally in Key West, and believe it or not the heater was optional, so the owner chose to save $35 and not get the heater.


betty said...

Such a pretty place to walk! And good for you both to walk that many miles! Great exercise for sure! Glad you are recuperating well, Jack. Let the doctors know if the lightheadedness was to return or continues.



What a lovely view. Really like those cottages on stilts. Cool. Sherry looks nice and relaxed.Glad you are feeling better.

Lisa said...

Im glad to hear your feeling good. 4 or 5 mile walk is some progress!!! I do good to get in 3 miles a day. If I could get out more, I would. Im getting bored walking around the neighborhood. I have to find some other "safe" places to roam.

Keep on keeping on

Paula said...

Looks like a nice place to walk. Glad you're coming along well. Hope the light headedness doesn't last long.

Mevely317 said...

What pretty country! I think Sherry deserves all the chocolate ice cream she can eat after that long hike! (... and of course, your butter pecan.)

Rick Watson said...

Very nice. I got my 10 thousand steps in today, but that was just here around the farm.
I hope you get to the top of your game soon Jack.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have a beautiful place to recuperate. You have a lot more green on your trees there than we do. It's been nice a few days and I have seen a few leaves on some trees but for the most part they are still bare. We are to have a snow storm coming our way on Saturday. They say we'll be pretty cold too and then next week we're to warm up again and be above normal for us this time of year. I'm looking forward to it ! I'd like to be like Sherry, cooling off instead of trying to keep warm.