Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A few years ago Sherry and I bought a couple dining room chairs for the motor home to replace the originals. I like wheels on my chairs. These were pretty large with arms and wheels. I like them, but now we have worn out the upholstery. We could get them reupholstered, but I think I want something a little smaller.

(The original Dining room chair)
Wheels, the negative: In a motor home we must secure these chairs with a long bungee cord securing them to the table so they do not run off.
The next ones we want wheels also, but maybe the office type chairs. However I still like arms. I really do not like shopping for furniture. Seeing these at a yard sale was luck. I prefer yard sales.

(Present Dining chairs, Upholstery worn out!)
Many times we have 4 to 6 people around our little table.  Smaller chairs will help.  I have got to start shopping around maybe craig’s list, or used office furniture.
That is today’s problem: CHAIRS.
Maybe you have suggestions.

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My girl on our lastest walk, we did over 5 miles.
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betty said...

Always good to hear how much you and Sherry walk :) Great exercise indeed!

Clueless about the chairs though. Secondhand furniture store maybe?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like your chairs on wheels they do look comfortable. I need some new kitchen chairs too. They are expensive and I'm going to be looking at garage sales this summer. Good luck on your search!

Lisa said...

Hope you find the chairs you want. Yes, I prefer looking around on craigs list or estate sales but its hard to find some that have not already been worn out. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a site where people could do their camping equipment sales and swap?

Look at Sherry go!

Mevely317 said...

'Gotta be honest ... I love your present chairs' style. Is the cost awfully prohibitive to re-upholster?
I wish furniture manufacturers wouldn't be in such a hurry to redesign themselves every year or so! When we were looking for a oversize recliner chair last year, I realized I was unconsciously looking to replicate one I had from the 80's.
Good luck ... and let us know what you find!

Paula said...

We've had good luck finding like new furniture at our favorite thrift store in San Antonio. Can't seem to find one for my computer though.


I LOVE both of your chairs. The ones with wheels and the ones without. Partial to the wheels. I agree garage sales are the best place to find GREAT stuff.

Unknown said...

I will check in my basement to see what kind of chairs we have down there.
I know there is an office chair and dining room chairs. When I go shopping
I will look around for chairs. You are right you have people around the table
every meal...

Rick Watson said...

There are some chairs in the old house but usually by the time they get there they are past thei prime:)