Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Do you go along to get along?

(I am going to figure this life thing out, SOMEHOW!)

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A few days ago my friend Myra, out Southwest in the desert! Phoenix is it? Had a great entry ‘Getting Along’ or something like that.  It got me to thinking, many folk can do that. I have spent my life ‘trying to do that’ only a couple times has it been impossible.

Most of us know THAT PERSON who is able to rub you the wrong way, BUT we grin and bear it. Very seldom (mostly never) do we yell out or just say, ‘Go to hel- (Hades).’ And walk off.

There are situations where I wish I could say what is on my mind. Someone calls and asks, “Is this a bad time?  I’d like to bring the kids over and chat.”

 I look around, I have a motor tore down. I am greasy, Sherry is relaxing with a cup of coffee, dishes not washed. Not expecting anyone, just a laid back day.
So I say, “Sure, come on over!”  Then rush change plans. Sherry gets in high gear, and we get ready for ‘company.’

(So now I know I should have been a poet!  LOL)

Now I know I should have said, “Not a good time, what about tomorrow?”  Not me, and I do not know why.

Then there are great folk (I mean that) who can say what is on their minds without rancor or meanness. We have found the folk from the North East seem to be very straightforward.  They were just raised that way.  I bet they live longer. LOL

But in all honesty, I have always had things work out. Inconvenience is very little to pay for good friendships. This has not happened in a long time. I have learned to take things as they come much better (If I live to be 118 I will know more).  I will never reach the point of being able to say to the ‘negative motor mouth’, “WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP!”  It ain’t in my nature and besides,  Daddy and mama would never say that.

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PS: Thanks Rick, I am still singing the two lines I  know of John Denver's 'Diamonds and Stones' thing.

1935 Duesenberg, nice little car, huh?


Lisa said...

Cute post. This reminds me of how we act when the doorbell rings. We rush around the house making sure we are decent and I can clean the whole house in a matter of seconds. Like Sherry, we kick it into gear.

People pleaser

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for the shout, Jack!
Now, I've chastised myself more than a few times for posting that business. Most of the time, I'm pretty easy going... but must've been weary.

So, so true what you wrote, "Inconvenience is very little to pay for good friendships."

betty said...

I am pretty flexible and will welcome others over even if it is not a good time, unless I am working and then its NO, you'll have to come over afterwards (unless I schedule my lunch around their schedule). Nice thing to know, though, is that people do want to come and see you, right?


Rick Watson said...

We're both too obliging too. If someone wants to drop by, we jump through hoops to put things in order. We're afraid we'll hurt someone's feelings.
Ok' John wrote some catchy tunes.

Unknown said...

Jack we had very good parents. I have thought a many timee we probably drove
them to their wits end, but they never said one thing to us. With their good example we learned how to deal with stress. Dad was a little impatience at times but they were raising 2 teenagers. Mother was a Saint. I miss them and glad before their passing they saw that we both did good and had successful future.

Paula said...

I don't think "NO" is in my vocabulary.


I always say yes whether I'm feeling it or not.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've learned to be very flexible and to go with the flow. Unexpected visitors are always a joy for me.