Friday, April 22, 2016

Update: Ear and Coach

I am trying to fight this laptop and keep from dragging my thumb over the mouse pad.  OR hitting the wrong keys I haven't been able to successfully get spell check to work.

First: Dr. Jennifer turned on the new implant, I am very happy with the results.  getting used to the controls will take some getting used  to.  EVERYONE sounds like ducks.  Dr. said the brain can work that out. (BRAIN?)

The Coach is another matter.  We are 10-12 miles from the coach.  So far we  have had to go back with a list most days to bring things WE FORGOT.  EVERY DAY it is something else we have forgotten.

The engine intake and exhaust valves are located in the engine 'HEAD.'  it has been removed and yes we have a burned valve on #4 cylinder.  So they have sent it out to a machine shop to get all the valve seats replaced and the burned valve and it's apposing exhaust valve replaced.  Estimated time is 3-5 days at the shop.  Then another two days to put the engine back together.

I have rebuilt gasoline engines 3 times, valves rings and all.  BUT when I looked at this engine head, I told Sherry this is a bigger job than I thought. We were looking under the bed at the engine (our coach is called a pusher the diesel engine is in the back under our bed) and I realized the head alone would weight at least 250 lbs. No one man is going to pull that up 3 feet and carry it through the coach, it should take four men, but only two can walk it out.  I admired the mech's for being able to bet it out without more oil or grease damage to the coach.

So we are living in our converted storage building. Some may remember I converted a storage building into a studio apt. for Grandson Luke to use while in college.  He is in Florida with his dad so we are crashing in his place.

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Mevely317 said...

Congrats on the successful implant, Jack!
"The brain will work it out." That's exactly what my eye doctor said a number of years ago when they gave me a contact lens Rx for reading (left eye), the other (right eye) for distance."
He was right!

Thank goodness you're in 'comfy' quarters and not some impersonal motel room. I've a hunch it's all going to be good from here!


Glad you have somewhere to crash while the coach is getting fixed. it is nice to know that the implant works. Does this mean you're hearing higher frequencies more than the lower ones? (because they sound like ducks) I am sure your brain will work it out. Give it time.

Paula said...

Almost missed this one. So glad the ear is coming along well. I was in Mico, Texas a few days. Have you ever been there when you were around Medina Lake? My friend lives out in the country so we did a lot of porch sitting and bird watching and riding hill country roads. I sure needed that get away. Good luck on everything going on any you and Sherry's world.

betty said...

Yea with the implant news!!! Sounds really promising. Ick about the motor home but at least plans are in action to getting it fixed and you have a place to crash in the meantime!


Lisa said...

Im glad to see and update here! I hope you get back to your wheelestate soon.
You and Sherry should ride up to the Cherry Festival in Cherryville today. It last til 3.

Quack Quack

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Isn't that the way with life a little good and a little bad. Thankfully the good out weights the bad. Glad the ear is working and glad the coach is being repaired and glad you had the foresight to fix up a little apartment there which you are now enjoying !

Sheila Y said...

This is good to hear! No pun intended. :-)
I am glad it is working well, the brain will have it sorted out in no time. Take care, Sheila

Rick Watson said...

When you began saying what the diesel was doing several weeks ago, I thought to myself – that will be a beast to fix.
I'm glad the implant is doing its thang.