Thursday, June 2, 2016

Not a happy entry

Most everyone knows I was a builder. My son Mark came to work for me in his early 20's. He was honestly one of the best workers a man could ask for.  We did well for a few years, and then he asked me if I would mind it he went out on his on.  Of course not.
 (Sons Mark and Jack Jr)

 I am proud of both my sons, they have both done better than their dad, as it should be. But Mark took a nose dive personally with a divorce and the economy down turn.
(Jack Jr. grad from boot camp their mama and Mark)

He is desperately trying to recover by buying houses needing work, repairing, remodeling and reselling. He has two nice homes in the Port Richey area that he has done a bang-up job on.
BUT, but one needed much yard work with 8 large dead cedars in the yard. WE came down to assist. A couple days ago Sherry was inside working, Luke was installing window handles and Mark and I were outside pulling Vines from the Cedars. We had dropped 5 trees. Mark climbed high to get the vines and fell. He hit the ground 3 feet from me, landing on concrete pavers and his arm broke a cement block which 'tore' a huge hole in his arm along with breaking his wrist.

Mark could not see the 'tear' it was near his elbow out of his sight. He said, "I'm okay dad," it was bleeding and I placed my handkerchief on it and said hold that."We can tape it up," he said.

"Not this one son, it is bad."

In searching for help at emergency care, I saw a registered nurse, nearly faint, and gasp when I had him expose the wound.
We finally made it to the Emergency room and another nurse said, "I've never seen one this bad."

While waiting in the ER, Mark told Luke to go back and move the debris out of the neighbor’s yard. I was proud of him still thinking of the neighbor. His son Luke is a VERY hard worker. I went back with him. He worked me into the ground (as I tried to keep up) during the time Mark was getting repaired.

Anyway, the wrist is broken and they sewed the torn wound. He is hurting.

(Marks last broken bone was in Key West, FL. Playing Football)
We will make one more trip down to help him tie some loose ends up before we head north again.

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PS:  We all know it could have been worse, and feel fortunate Mark was not hurt worse. Maybe now he will think more about the insurance he was going to get a month ago.



Prayers for your son's speedy recovery. I have my own nightmare to contend with physically, so I know the strain it puts on you when you get injured. Especially when it affects your work. I am sure glad you were there to get him to the hospital for prompt medical attention.

betty said...

At the end of the day we are glad that it wasn't worse, but we still hate to see our loved ones in pain like this. I hope Mark makes a speedy recovery! Sounds like one icky injury!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So sorry to hear about the injury and will say a prayer for his recovery. Glad you were there to help out. Accidents can happen, but they are never wanted or expected for sure.

Yaya Snaps said...

I hope he heals well Jack and will be able to continue on with his work. I'm very thankful it wasn't worse.

Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack, I was so dismayed reading this.
Should-uv's and would-uv's aside, your hearts must be hurting. Thank goodness Mark has Luke with him to man the wheel.

PS - As part of our monthly safety training at work, we recently had to sit through O.S.H.A. Ladder Safety. BORING(!) because of course, we figure that 'stuff' never really happens.

Lisa said...

Oh wow! Im glad it wasnt worst. Seems like you handled the situatuion calmly. No one likes to see their kids hurt.

From the campsite

Unknown said...

Wishing Mark a speedy recovery.

Sheila Y said...

I know the healing will take awhile, but hopefully the pain will subside soon. Prayers! Take care, Sheila

Paula said...

So sorry for Mark's injury. It sounds scary. Hope he doesn't rush into working before it heals.

Unknown said...

I know this has put everybody on hold. Mark is not use to this type of life.
He likes to stay busy. He better take care and let it heal..It is always a surprise when things happen to us. Tell Mark to take care and let it heal.

salemslot9 said...

get well soon Mark!