Monday, June 13, 2016

One Never Knows, does one?

I have noticed my blog entries do not always show up after posting. Friend Evelyn 'sometimes' calls or e-mails asking 'Where is the Blog?' LOL  I know I am not the only one having the problem.  But they do seem to always get there. I  revert them back to a draft and re-publish, at times, to try to force it. That doesn't work but I feel better. LOL

Strange thing related to the terrible shooting in Orlando.  You that read my books would recognize the 'aircraft maintenance person' Vickie. She is a real person and actually is a top notch aircraft mechanic, good looking, a great singer and a sweet person. Anyway she is retired and lives three doors from the apartment of the infamous 'shooter',  Omar Mateen. They were all evacuated from the building when the shooter's car was found in the parking lot. The Police & FBI were worried there may be a bomb in the car or apt.

I have mentioned something like this in another entry, it is always supposed to someone you have no knowledge of. I was shocked to hear this. We have not talked to Vickie, but I am sure she and her brother, Harry, must have spoken to the shooter many times.  They are friendly, Missouri country folk and go out of their way to be friendly.

We are all shocked at the shooting. We spend a lot of time around Orlando. Millions of folk go to Orlando for Disney and Universal Studios, so the area surely kicks in memories of many folk.  My son e-mailed. "I drove by the shooting spot a little while back, WOW."

We just left Wildwood  3 days ago. Orlando is just a few miles down the turnpike.  WE pray for the victims and their families. I am hoping we (In the USA) are more vigilant in crowded places. I hate to think we are going to reach the level of danger of one of the middle eastern countries.  Although I do not approve of the lifestyles of the victims, NONE OF THEM DESERVED TO BE SHOT DOWN LIKE ANIMALS, they are human beings, part of God's creation.

Not a joyful entry, but this is real life in the world today.  In a case like this, new immigration policies would not have helped. BUT as for me, I think anyone coming into this country from now on,  should be known thoroughly before granted a visa.  There are lots of alternatives, building a safe zone in their own countries would be cheaper and I am sure most of these folk would prefer to remain in their own countries.

I am not an authority on immigration, illegal or otherwise, but I do think we need more control on folk entering this country.

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betty said...

I agree, Jack, that we need more control with people entering our country. I know the majority that come over to America want a better life for them and their children, but there are those with other intentions or get radicalized once here.

It is such a sad thing with Orlando. So many young innocent lives lost. I agree I would not endorse their lifestyle, but to die like that is horrific, plus those that saw the events unfold will carry that with them forever. Definitely lots of prayers need to be said in the days ahead not only for Orlando but for our country and for those who are brainwashed by the ideals of organizations intent on evil.

(got the book, thank you, enjoying it!)


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Well said....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That was too close to home for comfort for you there. Such a tragedy. Sad but true is the fact too that not all terror comes from other countries but sometimes right here too with people born and raised as Americans. We never know what lurks in the shadows of peoples minds. Lots of prayers are needed.

Paula said...

What a shock to learn the nice mechanic in your book lives that near the shooter in Orlando. The whole thing is so hard to understand. I just think what's next? It will be interesting when you get to talk to her.

Lisa said...

I agree with everything you just said and see it all in the same light as you. It saddens me when things like this happen.

Ive never had a problem seeing your post.


I pray for a much more open minded world where tolerance about who we are is celebrated and not destroyed by ignorance.

Mevely317 said...

Yes, I become so accustom to seeing certain bloggers posts around the same day, same time. So, when that routine becomes skewed, my 'worry genes' go into overdrive!

I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts on Sunday's massacre. When I penned my 'nosy' post a couple days ago I suspect(suspected) I may have offended a couple of folks. (Paranoid, party of one!)
Even tho' it wasn't the point of my post, maybe we'd all do well to sharpen our powers of observation? Remember after 911, everyone was cautioned, "If you see something, say something."