Sunday, June 26, 2016

Where have all the bloggers gone,....

(Time to stop and smell/enjoy the flowers.  Flowers are for your enjoyment.)

Somewhere between 16  and 77 years old, I remember a 'hippy' song that started, "Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?........"  It is very hard to change 'CHANGE'. So social media such as Facebook is an attraction, and in our busy world is much easier than producing an interesting 'blog entry'. It falls in line by clicking like or adding a witty statement.

Speaking of flowers, these came from a former daughter in law. They are beautiful. Thanks Corinne. (She is still my sweetheart)

I miss many of the regulars and I am sure you do also. But CHANGE is inevitable.  I do like Facebook for some things, but it honestly wears me out. Blogging is more my speed, more than once I have sat here and tried to think of a subject of interest and I couldn't even come up with a subject that I liked. LOL.

Facebook is probably at the top of the list now. But I must be honest, much of it I prefer not to know.  I am no prude, but I really do not want to know that some of my own family know more curse/vulgar words than I used as a sailor, but never in 'mixed company'.

Early in my military service I was taught, never use vulgar/off color language in front of a girl/lady, even an enlisted guy can be a gentleman.  Nowadays, even the ladies delight in showing they too can use the 'naughty' words, and think it is cool.

So I share away from FB, there are many things I do not need to know.

Back to the original thought, I do miss some of the witty guys/gals who blogged.  

Shipslog is usually 400-450 words an entry.  When I started I wrote 2,000 words. My niece who used to read the shipslog said I was too wordy and she didn't have that much time.  With an honest critique, I was too long.  I have cut it down a lot, my goal is 300 words, but I am stuck on 400 +/- a few.  (347 words)

I prefer to read a blog entry  100-800 words in length. Some can hold my attention up to 1000. I do not judge everything by numbers, but I have a short attention span.

I really do not want everyone to be # conscience, in comparison: I have heard sermons that were 20 minutes long and was tooo long. Contrary wise, I have heard an hour sermon/speech that seemed short.
Nite Shipslog

 The infamous Buick Riviera and below the 1950's chevy waits on the train.


Mevely317 said...

Sometimes it's easy to believe you've sneaked inside my head and 'borrowed' my thoughts. Only, the resulting message from Ship's Log is better said! :)

Indeed, there are bloggers who've gone astray, who I miss. FB's a subtle siren, isn't she? It's easy to become hooked! But like you said, I can do without all the profanities. Something can be so dang funny (that) I'd really like to share it - were it not for the unnecessary four-letter words.

Woody said...

While going thru my Internship as an Elder in our Church, my Mentor was Rev. Dr. Deam Frey, he was a Pennsylvania German Dutch F3lla who spoke fluent PA. Dutch. We were/are very close still even thou he is back home in PA.
Dean said that there were 4 things to remember in a service, 1. Always Tell your Flock the Jesus Loves them, 2. Everything will work out with Prayer but maybe not the way we wanted it to, 3. Love your Neighbor as you Love your God and 4, you have 20 to 25 minutes to get your message across before you lose your sheep!!!
I do agree, there are some Pastors/Preachers that I could sit and listen to an not care about the time and some I am thankful for the final "Amen"in their service.
Hoping you 2 are taking it easy and enjoying yourselvs as usual, sending love and well wishes from the North Country, Gary & Anna Mae.

betty said...

I just wish if bloggers stopped blogging that they would let us know, you always wonder what happened to them. Facebook is nice to keep up with family and a few friends but can be time consuming. If it is a good read, I don't care how long an entry is, but if not relevant or boring, then it starts becoming a chore and not enjoyable to read.


Jackie said...

I love to read your blog...
Sending you and Sherry warmest regards.

Lisa said...

Well, if you ever go away, I hope you warn me. I only have a small blogging family. I need to get out of my comfort zone amd reach out to more blogs so it will grow. My own family dont even read my blog (maybe my mom via email). I try to keep my blogs short as well but I will ramble on at times. Im like you and rather read short post. I also like a varitety of subjects like yours. Some I read, seem to repeat theirselves. I wonder why some sudden stop as well.

Heading out for sushi

Paula said...

I've read there is a hacker on Facebook that can insert ugly comments and it looks like it came from you, only you can't see it. Causing some hard feelings among friends.

Rick Watson said...

Hey Jack, I know a lot of people are moving toward FB and I get on daily to check birthdays and scan recent updates to see what friends are up to but as a local columnist, I have almost 2000 FB friends and a great deal of stuff comes across my timeline that bothers me.

I find myself unfollowing the posts of people who step over the line and some I have unfriended because I didn't want to see their words on my page.

FB is a blessing and a curse. It has given people a voice and they use it to say things they would never say to someone face to face.
I said all that to say this, I don't plan to stop blogging because the daily routine of writing helped me to find my voice and I don't think FB does that.


I have a list of bloggers I miss that plays in my head whenever I'm online. Trying not to be wordy is difficult at best.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are still blogging but like you I too wonder. FB has no attraction for me either.