Friday, December 16, 2016

Maybe a bathroom, then move in

1903 Mercedes

(Tonight's Pictures: what folks were driving over 100 Years ago)

I have said it any times, I am a property owner's rights kind of guy.  My house, my property ('my' meaning owner or owners) and it is my business.  If I buy a home in an area and there are rules (even if there is a HOA) I will try to abide by their ‘beautification rules’. Even if they are someone else’s idea of beauty. BUT if I buy where there are no restrictions and my neighbor decides to have chickens, ducks or goats I will not complain.

I remember once in the boonies, on maneuvers in 1956 we were eating WWII C-rations and shooting the breeze. One of the troops from NY was saying he had just heard from his dad and the request to add a room to their house had been denied.  He was being required to have an architect sign off on his plans. His dad was a carpenter.

1904 Gardner (A steam car)

Big mouth me, very wise beyond me 17 years on earth, boasted, “That will be the day in North Carolina when someone tells you what you can and cannot do in your own home!”

OH ho, was I ignorant of progress and government. I am now nearing 78 next month, and boy have I witnessed change. Now in the small town of Belmont, NC you are told how high your fence can be. The type of fence allowed in the front yard. Where your dog house must be located and that is minor.

Girls, women (i.e. Sherry & sister Shirl, etc) get upset if a guy wants a couple cars in the yard for parts. The cars aren’t hurting anyone, but girls think that is UGLY, UNSIGHTLY etc. Heck I agree, but I thought everyone would like to have a junk car. I can remember when my dream was to own a junk yard.

1904 Sunbeam

I was told by a local, when traveling out west, that you knew which car was running, because it was the one nearest the road. The others were dead.

I said all that to explain, I know building. I will not endanger the environment nor my family, BUT I will do what I want to inside the foot print of my home. I will not add to the structure (foot print), if codes do not allow it but under the roof I will make modifications.

1905 Vauxhall

I do plan to add a bathroom here (shoot, we might even move in).  Tonight we discussed a walk in tub.  That might not be such a bad idea, after all my wife is getting older and will soon be a senior citizen. I have never installed one but am giving it some thought. Sherry would like one with jets to get the Jacuzzi affect. What do you think?

That is my thoughts for tonite.

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1901 Columbus


Paula said...

Shoot if you're going to add a bathroom anyway give Sherry those Jets. Just think how relaxed she will be.

betty said...

So its just your wife that is getting older? I think the idea of a walk in bathtub would be good and "shoot for the gold". Put those jets in :) Any upgrades you do will just make the house be more appealing when it comes time to sell (many years down the road).


Unknown said...

I love the idea of a walk-in tub. Just make sure you get one that will be easy to keep clean. I've seen the commercials for them on TV and they look awesome whether you're old or young.

Lisa said...

If you do it then I say do it right and get Sherry that Jaccuzzi style. I just told Nick how you dreamed of having a junk yard once. I laughted but he had a serious look and said he had the same dream once. Oh.

Calling for bad weather today in gtown

Woody said...

A Man's Home is and should be his Castle, never liked Building Codes even while I was a Code Enforcement Officer.
We moved into Senior Citizen Housing and out Shower and Bathtub is a Cut Out, a company came in and cut out the side of the tub and installed edges. It is now a "Walk-in" !
Well, stay warm !!
Holiday Wishes from the North Country !!

Rick Watson said...

I'm not sure murder is against the law where I live. "Yea officer, he was worthless and stole a battery off my junk car, so I had to kill him." The sheriff would probably instruct me to feed the thief to my pigs :)
Just kidding, but at this point in time, It's not illegal to have chickens in the yard and I can have a fence any height.

Mevely317 said...

Ha! Never having lived in an HOA community, I couldn't understand Tom's reluctance when we settled on this place in '04. (Sorry, sorry, sorry!)

This reminded me of something I spotted on FB during the elections. If you haven't seen it, I thought you'd appreciate Mr. T's 'out of the box' thought-process!

For the record, I think your bride DESERVES whatever her little heart desires. (*smile*)

Dar said...

I just know your big heart will put that nice walk-in tub with the jets in, for your Bride. Sherry and YOU will love it too. Go for it. You only live once. I'm not sure how much water they require but it can't be more than your standard bathtub and it'll be so easy to get in and out...safer too.
Will ya put one in for me? lol I'm sure glad we live where the building codes only apply if you tell....I know Bill's deck railing isn't exactly up to code but then he isn't done building it yet. :)
Big hugs from up north where we keep getting One more, three times now, for storm warnings. It stopped snowing at least~~~~~for now.