Thursday, December 8, 2016

Personal History, RV life

The Pictures are RV's we have had thru the years.

When we started the full time RV life we asked the sons to come over. We told them our plans and said, look around and take any and every thing you want.  They took very little.  That is today’s families, most already have more stuff than there is room to store.

We happened to have a few acres of undeveloped land, so we bought a tractor/trailer trailer (how else do you say that?) Anyway we filled it up and had it towed out into the woods.  We never considered how long we would be doing this. I guess I was thinking 6 months to a year. After all we were leaving 2800 sq ft on a half acre, to 325 sqft on a continent.

We were having a blast. Traveling 300-400 miles then stopping for 5-14 days to look around the area.  Learning people, places and local foods.  We learned that when we were near a city to make sure we were past it to overnight so we would not ‘hinder the local commuters in their traffic jams on the way to work.  It also kept the frustrations down.

 Our travels took us from Key West to Anchorage Alaska.  From San Diego to Nova Scotia.  We paused for a few months a year to hike the Appalachian Trail. We also traveled and did some volunteer work.

We were able to meet several Bloggers in person.

We learned State, Federal and Corps of Engineer parks were ‘back to earth’ type camping and we enjoyed the campfire and visiting other campers.

 This is our home now, wait, we just bought a home.

I forgot about the box trailer in the woods.

We checked it after a few years and found out that squirrels, rats, snakes and birds (and some rain) could find a way into a trailer in the woods. OUCH!

We have now been on the road about 15-16 years. The trailer is emptied. It is on Mark's land for his storage.  Shirl is nice enough to keep the remainder of our stuff in her basement.

Nite Shipslog

 Before the RV's there were tents.. At the back of our tent, that is a big black bear.  Below Sherry is taking a nap with jack Jr.


shirl72 said...

When you look back as the old saying "You and Sherry have come a long way".
Life has changed and getting better as we live day by day and I Thank JESUS.
We travelled in my life time but now I ready to settle and enjoy the scenery.
The place I really enjoyed was Hawaii seeing Pearl Harbor. I will admit I like
Las Vegas that was fun. Now I settled and happy.

Paula said...

You two have had camping in your blood from the start, I think. Not me, I like my own bed at night, Well I guess you do have that but in different places. Different strokes for different folks as they say.

betty said...

Its nice you two found something you both enjoyed with RV-ing. What adventures you have had! Lots to remember and talk about as you plan where the RV will take you next :) Its funny, cleaning out hubby's parents' home, it was surprising how much he and his brother wanted to keep. Gives us a good reminder what we treasure our kids might not necessarily feel the same about and it might be wise for us to part with things this side of eternity.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are right there is very little here at my house that my kids want. I could only hope they'd want more. I guess you all are blessed with the best of both worlds. 2 homes what more can anyone want?

Dar said...

We started out sleeping on picnic tables before our first tent, then a pop-up to a class C like you had before going BIG in your coaches. We sold the class C after building the log cabin and vacationing in our own woods since. It's also been a wonderful ride. We always said we'd retire and live in the cabin. It hasn't worked out that way but we know we can go there any time we please and watch nature loving our creek as much as we do. Life has been an adventure. Now, age, medical crap has stopped by too often to make life changes as big as selling and moving. WE have WAY too much STUFF......need to definitely downsize. I see another garage sale and donations in our future.
love n' hugs from our cold, cold north. It'll dip into the minuses tonight.
Ya gotta love the four seasons to stick it out.

Woody said...

We enjoyed our first trip south, we bought an Old Tear Drop Camper, 1987, I had just retired and we were both Divorced, we had to get away so we decided to head south, we traveled to florida, took us a month, we loved it, bought a Place on the Peace River outside Punta Gorda. For some reason in 1989 we came back to New York, must have been "Heat Stroke" !!!! Interesting you had a Volkswagon Camper, I did also, loved that thing, went thru 2 motors on it. Thanks for sharing, take care. Gary & Anna Mae

Lisa said...

This was cute. I really like the camper in the 2nd picture. Would love to have one now. I have never camped in a tent but would be willing to do it for a couple days just for fun. I think it would be fun (what I call) "Roughing it".

You and Sherry are somethin.

Mevely317 said...

Goodness, but I'm behind the times! (Thursday night I was desperately trying to keep a smile on my face amid the insincerity and faux cheer at the holiday party.)

Reading your first paragraph, I wonder if my mother didn't feel a little hurt when I didn't express much interest in her wedding crystal and other trappings.... sort of the way I feel now when my son/granddaughters haven't interest.

Love that first pix of Sherry in the boxy(?) trailer. You two were certainly destined for one another!

Unknown said...

What a life Jack! I am envious.

salemslot9 said...

I like photo of
your Sherry taking a nap
with lil Jack

did you have a gun
in case bear got too close?