Sunday, December 25, 2016

The small decisions.

I am sorta of a weird person (In a lot of opinions) I think my body will tell me when something is VERY WRONG.  Lately I have what is a symptom of a cold (runny nose), I also sound funny, Sherry says I sound like I have a cold. I might have, I have tendency to sneeze also. BUT the biggest irritant is severe dizziness at times.

I have heard folk complain of dizziness, and I wondered why. I have felt dizzy, but it was momentary and an inconvenience, nothing to complain about.  BUT, but this time it is what I would consider 'violent' and I lose some balance but not presence of mind. The room spins rapidly. Before when I was 'dizzy' it was a slow reaction.

I have learned to watch for it and am not caught off guard, standing or sitting up too fast. So I return to the previous position and wait a minute and do the same maneuver slowly and I do okay.

Now something to clarify: One side affect of the Cochlear Implant, that I have never experienced before, is dizziness. So with two implants the possibility is doubled.  Something about the estuation tubes being blocked easily, and this is the first time I have had cold symptoms since the implants.  My thinking is "take it easy and in time (a couple weeks) it will go away." Don't jump on me, I think we all sorta dr. ourselves, don't we?  LOL

I only mention it for something to write about. I am empty.  OUCH, no one has ever accused me of that!

Another subject. We bought a TV for the new house. When  Sherece was down, Mark told her that We had bought a 'smart TV'. I had no idea there was such a thing. So she set it up for Net flicks.  Sherry and I have watched two movies, I still cannot understand all that is said, but enough to follow a plot.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we did.

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Paula said...

John has had a lot of dizziness (sp?) for a while now diagnosed as Vertigo. He has even resorted to a cane some of the time.

Jackie said...

Feel better soon....
Please, take care of you.
Merry Christmas.

Mevely317 said...

... hanging my head in shame. I just realized I totally spaced commenting on your blog last night.

Thank you for 'coming clean' about your feeling wonky ... and not trying to 'man up' on our behalf. Yes, Tom gets those episodes of feeling dizzy every now and then; I suspect it's his ears, as well. Regardless, no fun.

Please take GOOD care. Sending prayers from Phoenix!

betty said...

I won't lecture you, but if the dizziness goes on a bit more, do seek medical attention. You just never know. We think it could be this, but it really could be that. You do know your body but sometimes its good to seek the advice of a professional. Glad you guys had a good Christmas! We did too!



We bought a new TV too. How smart I do not know. Hey not to lecture but DIZZINESS is nothing to poo-poo. Could be a problem. Take care of yourself.

Jean said...

The night I posted my last blog post I had to call an ambulance to take Grover to the hospital they said he had pneumonia. He didn't appear to have a cold,but after four days he was release and with home heath help and me, he's doing some better. Hope your dizziness goes away and you feel better soon. Take care, Jean.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry to hear your news. I too have a cold but no dizziness. It could be the cold settled in your ears, but maybe not. I'd say give it a few days and then get to the doctor if it persists. Take good care you don't want to fall. Your body may be telling you that need a rest. Hope you had a peaceful Christmas anyway!

Unknown said...

I would suggest checking your blood pressure just to make sure it's okay, though I tend to think you are probably on target with attributing the dizziness to the fluid in your ears.
Just take it easy. If it is from the cold, it should clear up soon, you just don't want to fall in the mean time and have something worse than a cold to get over.

Glenda said...

Hope you are feeling better today, agree with the advice to see your Doctor if it persists and the "take it easy" words! You deserve a break in the work routine, hugs from Chobee :)

Lisa said...

Well, I go through these symptoms regularly because I have allergies. Not sure whats up with you. Just hope you can get it cleared up.
My ear tubes still feel stopped up at times like they need to pop. One did pop and I had extreme pain for a few hours but now that side seems better. Im also getting used to the buzing sound I have in the other one now almost constantly. Doc just says its allergies too. Allegra D sometimes works.

Get better.

2023 said...

I've had a Eustachian tube dysfunction a few times & felt dizzy; also once when my electrolytes were off. I do doctor myself at times, yes, but the results are awful spotty. Go to the doctor. Or not. Course, I don't have kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, & SHERRY to stick around for (go to the doctor).

salemslot9 said...

that's a sharp
lookin' purple Chevy