Saturday, December 3, 2016

Stella and the Lizard

Stella is no stranger to lizards. There are plenty at her home in NC, but they are outside lizards.  Here in Florida they are apt to find their way inside. With that in mind I wanted to do an end run on the surprise and tell Stella about our 'good lizards'. I asked her to tell me when she saw one.

"Grandpa, I know where one is!" She said as she came running into my play-house.

So I caught it for her:
very small dude and very cooperative

She was hesitant at first but finally took the lizard.

Then she had Janie lie down and got her in the act. Janie did not mind the lizard.

She had to let her mommy and grandma see her hold and play with a lizard.  When we turned the little dude loose he stayed around for a little petting then ran off.

Then it was back to exploring our little back yard.  She is a climber, our Great grand Stella. I could not find a good angle for the shot.
On Friday Paw paw Mark, Sherece, Stella and Grandma Darnell  made a trip to 'Disney Springs'.  That area used to be 'Downtown Disney', name changed this year Imma thinking.  It is an area of shops and eating places and also some great places for kids and there is not entrance fee. There is random entertainment. That day it was the annual tree lighting.

They are due to head north soon.

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Mevely317 said...

This brought back some 'warm fuzzies' of my daddy taking me (and an empty shoe box) hunting for horny toads and lizards! Much to my mother's dismay, he'd even buy me a baby lizard each year at the fair. Cruel, in retrospect, how they came in a narrow little box with a tiny gold chain around their necks.

Stella is such a beauty!

PS -
My BFF Debbie and I used to travel from St. Pete to "Downtown Disney" each Fall for shopping and dining at a place there called "Spoodles/" We called it our "Annual", and darn but 14+ years later, I still miss that silly ritual.

betty said...

Stella is getting so big and of course she is beautiful! How cute she was with the lizard! I don't think I would have been as brave as her and hold one! Their outing to Disney Springs sounds fun too! I know you and Sherry will miss them all when they head north!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What an adorable child she is. It has to be a delight to have her around. Lizards are not my favorite thing but they do good. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday !

Rick Watson said...

That is one beautiful child Jack.

Glenda said...

My first thought was "Stella is absolutely gorgeous"! It's unanimous!!!!! She's a charmer, glad y'all had fun together, safe travels to the kids.

Paula said...

Amen to all the comments about Stella. I've always liked to talk to Lizards.

Lisa said...

I loved this story. She is such a cutie pie! Lizards can be fun.....In Florida.

Happy days

shirl72 said...

Maybe Stella can bring her lizard friend home. She could teach him some tricks.
Glad she is having a good time. We are having rain..and not to cold yet.
Someone ask me if you and Sherry were coming home for Christmas and I told them
I had not ask yet it is still early. I will find out...