Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Time again, but just a little later.

I honestly cannot remember when I built a house last. I worry about my memory at times. In all honesty, I will probably never build another. I still use that word 'probably' modifying the word 'never' just a little, because I cannot force myself to say I am through. My General Contractor's License application for 2017 came two months ago. In my younger years I whipped it out, filled in the blanks, had it notarized, wrote them a check and mailed the application 'registered mail'. This is the latest I have ever waited.  Last night I gave in and 'done the deed'. All it needs is the check and notary.

I have never built a house that I did not drive some of the nails.  It wasn't necessary. After the first few houses, I always had reliable carpenters and sub-contractors. So I know if I wanted to now, I could put a crew together and just watch!  You can smell the dirt and wood as you watch, at any age, methinks.

Other contractors I knew called it a 'rat-race'. That was seldom true for me, I loved it. I am loving what is here to do. Some folk and family (I think) see me as just trying to prove something.  In a way I am. It is a personal challenge to overcome problems that arise.

Maybe I am wrong, but I don't see myself as much different as the average human. Everyone's challenges and problems are different, but as long as your mind is alert and you are physically able you want to keep doing what you love, even if it is playing Bingo, climbing a mountain, walking on the beach or shopping for your OWN groceries and clothes. For some it is simply continuing to drive their own car and reading the paper.

Times change, I bought milk yesterday that will last until next year?..WOW... So, after my 78th birthday next year, if I get an e-mail saying, "Jack, got some plans for you to look over, Just your type of house, can you get to it?"   

I can think, ‘my license are still good in North Carolina!’

You know? That would be a great way to spend a summer.  LOL (Right Sherry?)

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Me 'n this LaSalle wuz born the same year 1939!


betty said...

Could be one for the record books if you do spend summer building a house in North Carolina :) It was good for you to renew the license. Maybe you'll use it, maybe not, but its there if you want it or need it. It is funny how as we age we don't remember things as clearly as when we were younger and we "swore" we would never forgot now what we are forgetting. The advantages I guess of growing old!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now I was thinking that you were going to do some traveling come summer, but seems you many have other plans?? You are barely finished with one house and thinking of another? Doing what we love is important so what ever comes your way I do hope it's something you love to do. Here I'm trying to sell this house so I can move on. It'll be a new adventure for me.

salemslot9 said...

I watch Grand Designs
house building in the UK
Escape To The County
where house hunters are
shown 3 different houses
some houses used to be
old barns or churches

shirl72 said...

Brother life is good...but there comes a time we need to rest. but stay busy
doing small things..I use to love doing yard work and I have slowed down. We can
find different things to keep our minds busy..that is better.

salemslot9 said...

Escape To The Country*

Lisa said...

Do everything you can while you can is what I say! However, I need to say that to myself at times. I have had a phlebotomy license now for 3 years. Ive renewed it once and its time to renew again after the first of the year but I think Im gonna let it expire. I have no hope anymore that I can find a job using it. I will stick to office work. Besides, medical lawsuits and stuff scare the crap out of me and its getting worst. I think ill step away. At least I know I can pass the exam and im good at drawing blood if I ever want to give it another shot (no pun intended).
I think you did the right thing by keeping your contractor license. Its good to set personal challenges. You got a good head on your shoulders and a good girl on your arm. Your never too old to do what you want and I think she will agree.

Show off!


I'll hire you to make the plans for my little arts and crafts house I want near the ocean or lake somewhere. You and Sherry make a great team. Summer, winter, spring, or fall.

2023 said...

I have never built a house that I did not drive some of the nails. It wasn't necessary. < Yes, it was necessary...to YOU. And that is wonderful. Wonderful for you & I sense wonderful for the purchaser of the house, too.

Sherry says NO, but nice thought.

Mevely317 said...

I love your enthusiasm, Jack!
While there's little in my present circumstance (work) to drive my passion, I wholeheartedly agree about the necessity to stay active - physically and mentally.

So glad you elected to renew the license. Say, how'd you feel about taking some nails to a little bungalow in 'Bama say in another 12-18 months?

Glenda said...

Thinking it's a consensus, just not time to hang up your hammer! That license symbolizes a whole lot of success and if you have an opportunity you're set!!

Back Porch Writer said...

Well, it makes you feel good to know it's there if you want it as opposed to an opportunity passed or at least harder to come by. So great job! Happy New Year to you all!

Dar said...

Follow your heart, my friend. Follow your heart. Just don't hurt yourself,
love from way up north in the cold.....another Great Lakes effect snow coming our way.

Rick Watson said...

I think there is a tremendous market for tiny houses. It shouldn't take nearly as long to finish. There a lot of people downsizing and are looking for smaller homes.
I think staying engaged is a way to stay young. Building things takes a great deal of thought and that's exercise for the brain. Just my thoughts Jack.