Thursday, December 22, 2016

Old Plumbing repairs ain't no fun.

Of all the trades I am intimately familiar, plumbing is the most unpredictable. Installing new plumbing, even repairing new plumbing 1-5 yrs old is okay, and usually a cake walk.

Some plumbers get a laugh

Anyone who has repaired ‘ancient plumbing’ 20-30 yrs old knows you cannot give a reasonable estimate on repairs if you are charging for time and parts. Over half the time when you change or ‘fix’ one thing, in the process, something else will go bad. Just moving drain lines a fraction of an inch when replacing a simple trap under your sink can create a leak in old pipes.  I have actually ‘touched’ one of the old metal traps and it broke. The only thing left was the paper thin chrome coating, the metal was gone.

The old galvanized water line does the same thing, but they usually just have calcium and rust build up so you are only getting a very small hole to feed your drinking water through. Finally it just stops.

Plumbers did not accept the plastic or PVC plumbing at first, but today most realize it will outlast the older metal plumbing.

Our motor home is a 2000 model, so the plumbing is 16-17 years old.  Also as Jerry Lee Lewis sang, “A whole lot of Shaking going on.” Over the 100,000+ miles. Last night It started with a sink that refused to drain. I spent approx. 12 hours before I was through with the simple job. LOL

I really don’t mind, but for many years I haven't been able to lift my hand above my shoulder with a tool in my hand that weighs over a pound. I have to figure ways to assist myself, and cheat.  I have used both hands to put a drill on a latter, then propped my arm on a plank to drill over my head. LOL  I exercise my arms when we get groceries. Sherry stands in the motor home and I try to left the lighter bags up to her.

Even in the UK, they want a laugh!

That is not complaining, we all do what we have to do to extend our limitations.  Sometimes I come up with some dillies.

Anyway the job is done, no drips, new traps and some new PVC pipes added.
That plumbers crack is a fact, especially in the last 10 years

Life is good. I look forward to tomorrow.

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There has always been the plumber's truck.


Mevely317 said...

Who knew?!
Certainly tradesmen like yourself are every bit as valuable as brain surgeons. Each in their own time and place, that is!

Reluctant to ask Tom, a few months back I enlisted the help of my 'work husband' Brian to come over and install a new disposal. Darn if (I think) Tom went and got his feelings hurt. It's a thin line ....

Paula said...

Yes I remember when Melvin would start a job in our old house it would always take much longer then he estimated. He always got the job done though. The week-end before he passed he had spent it putting in a new sink in the bathroom.

betty said...

Glad you got the drip taken care of. Those were such funny pictures with the advertisement on the trucks :)



Plumbers are notoriously funny when it comes to their jobs. A sense of humor helps when dealing with all that excrement to be sure. Glad you got the job done.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can relate to old plumbing. Here at my house most everything is close to 100 years old. Thanks to a couple of my sons some parts of the pumping are newer now. It's not an easy job and I give you credit for using those muscles that usually don't get that kind of work out.

2023 said...

You never sound like you are complaining. Extending limitations must have gotten quite a workout with everything you accomplished on the new home. You did it well, & rather quickly.