Saturday, December 10, 2016

Then there was the widow Sadie

To continue about the volunteer jobs concerning bathrooms. I am not really a professional plumber, but I have learned a lot from them.

(This is sort of a repeat)
In 2012  we visited a church and I asked the pastor if there was a deserving person who needed some home maintenance. He smiled big, then told us about the widow  Sadie.  He said Sadie had never asked for anything, but she had mentioned a week before that she was having problems with a bathroom.

Sherry called Sadie and went to visit. What a joy.  She is a doll and older than I. She is a widow of a rancher. A nice home and spread; only a few (less than 5) head of cattle remain.  With her husband gone the ranch was running down. Sadie was learning what many folk learn, when you have a nice home with lots of land and your income is SS, Taxes can take all you have.

That little black spot in the tub bottom is a hole all the way thru the tub. the end tile is gone and covered by a towel.

One of the sweetest meetings ever. While she and Sherry got acquainted in the living room,  I looked at the problem. I knelt down beside her chair. And told her what she needed. New supports, new tub, faucets, tile and the traps all needed cleaning. We can do it all.

She looked me in the eye, “I know most of that, but what I need to know is how much money will I need?”

I said, “It will cost you nothing, if you can tolerate us in & out for 5-6 days.”
Tears came to her eyes, “Now look, I’m not used to this… I have to pay something!”

Sadie and Sherry in the tub!

Sadie is a little lady. She reminded me a lot of my sister Kat.  It was such a delight working for her. Sherry spent most of her time that week with cleaning up my mess and talking with Sadie. Although I normally do not eat when I work, Sadie made me stop for lunch, “At least I can feed you.”  Hearing about her life and seeing that smile was all the pay we needed. There are some wonderful folk in this world.
I have told this story here in 2012, as we did the job.  But I had another reason for this little series. Sadie has a daughter. She works and contributes to the support of the home.  She doesn't care too much for preachers and church folk. She is a sweet person and we really liked her.  Sadie shared with us that the daughter was really impressed with the project.  She told her mama, "Now that is about the first thing I have seen that shows the Christian I was taught about in Sunday School."

A little more about that attitude tomorrow....

Nite Shipslog.
PS: Sadie lives near Beverly Hills ........ (Florida)

This is a spiffy 1940 Pick u Truck


betty said...

Saint Augustine said "preach the gospel" and "if necessary use words." You and Sherry preached the gospel to Sadie in what you did to help her. A "simple" act that made a big impact to her! Well done!



You both are a GodSend.

Unknown said...

One random act of kindness at a time... Thanks for sharing this story, it is inspiration for my own life.

Lisa said...

Loved this story! People know we are Christians by our love. You and Sherry are full of that sappy stuff.
Cant wait to. Read more tomorrow.

Freezing in Gastonia

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's true we show what we are by our actions. We have walk the talk, as they say. You both are very kind and generous people. The world needs more just like you. Here in Ohio we have snow are are to get more...very cold out too. Hope you enjoying a bt of Florida Sunshine today!

salemslot9 said...

at my John's folks lake haus
there's an unfinished bathroom
in the basement
there's some tiles
in the garage
hopefully he can
finish it one day

Dar said...

You and Sherry are such a refreshing couple. You will continue your gift to others and I will not be surprised. Bless your hearts for your generous nature.
Love n' hugs from up in our cold north with snow piling up. Bill finished putting the plow on the ' front ' of his tractor....he's ready to push snow into big piles for the grandloves to dig tunnels in. It's been another great day and we feel blessed just knowing you two.

Mevely317 said...

Yours is such a grand idea, Jack! Here's a lesson for those who say they've no money with witch to tithe, etc.

Personally, I'd much rather share what gifts I have with an individual or family in need (v. a faceless huge charity organization).

Paula said...

Awww I'm sure Sadie appreciated all you and Sherry did for her.