Thursday, December 29, 2016

Who you are!

Looking back over my life I realize others helped form me.   I was building our last home when I realized that 30 years ago this building seed had been planted.  I was hired by my best friend’s dad.  Without realizing it I watched his life.  He was a General Contractor. He built with no agreement other than a handshake. He was a hands-on builder. I rode with him to jobs.  Every day he stopped at a country store and bought a cold coke. He knew it would be warm at dinner time (Lunch time now).

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I learned to open a coke with a hammer handle leveraged on my thumb. But it wasn't the coke deal, it was his approach to building. He loved his work.  He began his work life on a farm, worked in the mill building pallets and whatever was needed. Later he became a builder. He always remembered the folks he was building for, had worked for their money and deserved good return when they spent it. I never once saw him hide something or misrepresent his work. He never made a big deal of it, he was just honest.

My last connection with Luke was to build an addition to a mobile home. His only requirement was that I must hire his granddaughter Wendy,  as a carpenter. I jumped at it and had a great time. Wendy was a worker. She did not pursue the building business, but she could have.

Luke's first wife passed and he remarried.  It was a happy marriage also. Luke's life did not have a story book ending. Dementia came to visit and stayed.  The end was long, and tough on the family.  The brunt of the care fell to his wife, although the family helped. During that time all his holdings were converted to substantial cash savings.

At his death, the 'Will' was not as expected. It had been changed apparently in his demented state. The last wife inherited the entire estate.

BUT I also learned in my later years I could learn.  I was talking to Luke's Son afterwards and I brought up the subject, thoroughly expecting Vondale to be upset. I don't know why I was surprised, I had learned to expect the unexpected from him. 

His take on the whole matter, no anger or disgust. He said, "Jack, he could not have hired or had better care  in his last years, she took good care of him."

So in the end, I also learned from Luke's son, Life happens.

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I never knew Luke to have a new car nor a new truck. I remember he had a 1947 Fleet-line because Vondale would drive it sometimes when we double dated.


2023 said...

Remembrance, like a candle, shines brightest at Christmastime.
~Charles Dickens
I'm glad his son looked at it thus, but it would truly have been nice for him to have at least some of his dad's belongings.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Life does happen and sad but true death is a part of life. It's best to be prepared and to have everything in order. One thing I need to do in the coming year.

Glenda said...

Yes, life happens. We don't always anticipate unpleasant surprises, sounds like Vondale had a great perspective on what was really important. What a great way for you to have a "job" that taught a trade that became a major part of your life's work and also gain the business ethics that your mentor passed on.

Lisa said...

Just makes me think of how nice it would be if leaders still lead. Now days, a boss or leader will not show or teach you anything that will make you as smart or smarter than them. I wish we still had the good old days back.

A coke and a smile

Mevely317 said...

What a lovely twist on an otherwise sad story!
You're so blessed to have Luke as a mentor and lead by example.
I join with Lisa is wishing we still had the good old days back!

shirl72 said...

What good memories We have known some wonderful people. One day when you and Vondale were walking on the sidewalk you smelled someone preparing food for their meal. You said "Vondale wouldn't it be nice if they would invite us to eat.

Rick Watson said...

From the sound of him, he would probably have taken care of the woman even if the will hadn't changed.
I love stories when the bottom line isn't about how much profit one squeezes out of a project, but how happy the client was with the outcome.
Good work Jack.

Dar said...

It's wonderful having such fine mentors as your friend Luke., and a great example of faith from his son, thankful for all his stepmom gave his dad and not having hard feelings. I do agree tho, he still was Luke's son and should have had more than memories. But, then, it Can be enough. You had great people in your lives. You are blessed.
~love from up north......yep, it's snowing again


Those that take care of us in the end deserve alot more credit than they get.