Friday, July 28, 2017

Appomatox Court House

Little Known Facts:
1.    Number of US states that claim test scores in their elementary schools are above national average: 50.......(SMILE)
2.    One in every four Americans has appeared on television.
3.    In 1998, more fast-food employees were murdered on the job than police officers.

(clarifier: In school I wasn't interested in history unless it dealt with Boone, Crockett or Cowboys! But age has changed that, Sherry and I enjoy learning and seeing places of our USA history.)

 We are within 20 miles of Appomattox, Virginia at this park.

In school I learned that the Civil War ended with the surrender of General Lee to General Grant at Appomattox Court House.  BUT, but I never knew the difference in Appomattox County Courthouse and Appomattox Court House. It is a little confusing until you KNOW there is a small community named: Appomattox Court House, Virginia. The Appomattox county Courthouse (one word) was in that community.  So my friends, it is obvious I paid little attention in school.

 Above is the Village of 'Appomattox Court House, Virginia'.
The surrender was in the ‘parlor’ of  Wilmer and Virginia McLean's home. The house was  down the street from the county courthouse.
 The McLean house where the surrender documents were signed
 Above is the actual desk where Lee signed the surrender, after he gave his conditions of surrender, and Grant had written them out.
The Civil War is the saddest part of our USA history. There was no gloating by General Grant, both generals knew hundreds of thousands (nearly 700,000) of young Americans were killed in this senseless war.
We toured a small part of Appomattox Court House. They have a very moving video of the surrender. Tears came as I watched the re-enactment of history on the screen. It was a very sad time for General Lee. No general likes surrender, but it was a wise choice. He knew to continue more men would be lost, with the same result.
Virginia is rich in USA history. I will make a couple more entries from here.
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it's always nice to revisit history. enjoy your va. visit.

Mevely317 said...

I paid little attention while in school ... but credit my son with igniting my interest in history ... particularly, the (not-so) Civil War. Dare I say, the War of Northern Aggression? LOL!

Standing where you were had to be so moving.

betty said...

So much history there! Glad you are sharing some of it with us.Such a sad time in our country too during this period of time.


Paula said...

A piece of interesting history. Of the few states I've been to is Virginia and I enjoyed it and thought it is a pretty state. I really enjoyed Mt. Vernon.

Dar said...

We are fortunate to have several grandloves that are quite the history buffs. I, too, didn't pay well enough attention in school, not caring what happened in our past. Now it seems so Very important. Mama and her Mama also are/were great at recalling our past. I wish I had written down all my Gramlove knew and lived through. Great entry, Jack.
love n' hugs from up north where we will spend the day at the campground with our Syrus-buff, his brothers and parents. It's a beautiful day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love history and not just our own. Virginia is just full of it and I thank you for sharing a part of history today. So sad that we were divided and fought against each other. I always try to remember the words: United, we stand...divided we fall.

Lisa said...

Ive never been to Virginia, these are some interesting facts you have here.

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