Monday, July 31, 2017

'Them' sorry rich folk!

Little Known Facts:
1.    In 21 states, Wal-Mart is the single largest employer.
2.    It's against the law in Kansas to catch fish with your bare hands.
3.    There are 2,000,000 millionaires in the United States.
Note that last fact.
 There are a lot of rich folk in the world and we have our share here in the USA. Some inherited it, some earned it on their own.  Fact is, we have always had wealthy folk and most of the time they actually ran this country. Only NINE of our 45 presidents have not been millionaires PLUS.

Now, I ask myself, “Were the early wealthy folk better folk than the wealthy of today?” I thought very highly of Washington, Jefferson, Adams and all those guys who actually started this country.  I hold them in high esteem.  I never thought of them as being wealthier than I could even dream. Example: today George Washington would be worth $125 million. BUT he laid his life on the line. The signers of the Declaration of Independence were wealthy when they signed, but it cost most of them their wealth and their lives.

          (Me 'n Patrick Henry at the entrance to Red Hill)
We just returned from Red Hill a few days ago. One of our greatest orators, Patrick Henry, who loudly declared, “Give me Liberty or give me Death,” was very wealthy. He bought over 2000 acres at Red Hill Virginia and retired there. He was not killed, but stuck his neck out for it to be cut off.  He was rich and did not have to do that.

Folks, the rich and the poor we will always have.  I have never considered myself poor.  We have always had an income and something to eat. In Washington DC I worked two jobs, but we could have survived since Sherry also worked there.

I have never begrudged one dollar of Bill Gates’ money. I enjoyed working and knowing Sherry and I were making our own way.

Most of the men and women in Washington are very wealthy, we elected them. 
They tell me (and it appears true) unless you are wealthy, or have wealthy backers, it is impossible to get elected to most offices state and federal. Truman became president due to FDR’s death.

Just the registering fees and jumping thru all the hoops would stop most of us. So I guess, we must pick the most reliable rich folk then cast our vote.

Being rich does NOT mean one is uncaring or callous. In my life I have  known a couple very rich folk. I would trust them. My brother was a great guy and he became wealthy.

This wasn’t a ‘smart’ entry, but I promised myself a long time ago, if I write it, I will print it.  LOL
Nite Shipslog
Presidents worth less than a million dollars:
Buchanan, Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, Garfield, Arthur, Wilson, Coolidge, Truman.
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 This 50's Chevy truck was outside the Court House Cafe in Rustburg, where we had breakfast

 Funny thing the nearest town to us is Rustburg. I thought this fit. help?  Is that a Marlin or Barracuda?  


Mevely317 said...

I like this!
What bothers me, how some segments of our population dislike someone because they're rich. Unless theirs are ill-gotten gains, I don't begrudge the wealthy ... and I don't think they're obligated to share.

Me? I was just unwilling to do what it takes to become a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist!

betty said...

Myra brought up a great point in her comment. A lot of rich people are there because they worked hard to get there. I was googling the name of a cardiac surgeon the other day and saw that the average income for one was $550,000 a year. It made me gasp, but then having worked for cardiac surgeons I knew the training needed, how they were always on call 24/7 unless on vacation, etc., operated on people in the middle of the night if an emergency, etc. They had that "drive" and got rewarded. Now conversely and not to stir up a pot so to speak. but because of the fact hubby works for a healthcare facility on Native American land, their own sovereign nation, the people of that nation get a certain amount of money monthly because of the casino owned by the nation. For some, it doesn't create much of a drive because they get enough to live on, can have a house built for them on the land (they have to pay for utilities but often end up not and having electricity turned off, etc.) I think there is a certain satisfaction in getting up and doing a honest day's job, no matter what it is, and then able to take care of you and your family's needs and perhaps the occasional wants.


Paula said...

I too am not jealous of anything anyone else has. It also isn't important to me to have a lot of money, just enough to live comfortably. I also know a lot of money causes headaches in families when the elderly become close to their end of life. Wish I could write a post about this (not my family) but I don't dare. lol

Lisa said...

One thing I really never had the desire to be is RICH. However, Ive always said I would like to have enough money to be comfortable. Be able to buy things I want and need without checking with the bank first. I do not consider myself poor either but we do struggle at time. I'd take love of family over money any day.

The bubble window makes me think thats a Barracuda in your photo.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Interesting reading today Jack! Thanks for all the trivia! I am very rich, but don't have much money. The things of value to me are friends, family and my faith. It doesn't take money to make one happy, but apparently it does take money to be elected. I often wonder about all the great people out there that might have made good presidents, but didn't have the money. Money doesn't make or break a person. The old saying : the rich get richer and the poor get poorer comes to mind. I've never had to want for anything in my life and I'm thankful that I've always had just enough.


being rich in the things that matter can really make a difference in a person's life.

Dar said...

I must be kin to "MA" because we do think alike. I totally agree that the things of value to me also, are family, friends and my faith....not necessarily in that order. Wealth to me is inner peace. Now, as for that 50's pick-up where you had breakfast, well, now, that would make me feel happily rich. Lol
love n' hugs from our northern home to your southeastern home.s. Have a great week.