Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Oh yes, Virginia, you are beautiful

Little Known Facts:
1.    Coca-cola was originally green.
2.    The only food that does not spoil is honey.
  1. The Pilgrims ate popcorn at the first Thanksgiving dinner.
WE do not travel as much as we used to, but still get around.  We talk about this often, we cannot remember a bad trip as far as the beauty of the earth is concerned. Comparing Yuma to Hawaii or the Yukon is like the saying: 'Apples, Oranges and Bananas'.  Everywhere we have traveled is beautiful in my opinion.

Before leaving Belmont I put the address of this park near Lynchburg in the GPS.  I knew Lynchburg was near Roanoke I figured the GPS did too! HA! As we entered the Charlotte area on I-85 I checked to see which way we would go. The GPS said, Hey, take I-85 to US-29 turn north.

Hey look GPS, I have been to Roanoke more times than you have. We will go North on I-77.  So I did. The GPS said: NO NO NO, go my way you will arrive at 1:06 PM.  I said NO NO NO you will recalculate and realize your mistake.

Short story (I know,,,, too late), The trip was at least an hour longer MY WAY! But I did not care, neither did my girl. The sites are absolutely breath taking as you reach and enter Virginia. Our first view of the Appalachians on I-77:

Then on North.  Just South of Roanoke to our left, we both smiled remembering a familiar mountain.

We hiked this area North to South. We had a tough climb  up the north (right) end and found ourselves near the antennas at the right were noisy, electrical humming. 

 Then walked the ridge down and thru the power lines cut away and on south past MacAfee knob (?) supposed to be the most beautiful view on the trail, as you can see we were in the clouds and missed the view.
 (Back to this trip. It is hard to pass up an old barn, especially one with character)

 We passed Liberty University, I had no idea it was so huge. Then we were in the country again.

  The roads got narrower and thru a lot of beautiful farm land until we reached our destination, a Thousand Trails Camp site on a lake.
We had a great trip, even if I did take the long way here. I was reminded of Ma's post lately  centered on MISTAKES!
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shirl72 said...

Glad you are there and had a safe trip. The mountains are beautiful to view.
I know you passed lots of beautiful country side along your trip. I'm sure
it is cooler in the mountains than the weather we are having. Have fun be safe and will looking forward to your coming back home.

Woody said...

I sometimes turn on purpose when I have the GPS on and make her recalculate, Hot today, went to West Palm Beach to JFK Hospital Complex with Anna Maes Mother, Good checkup on her Surgery and Implant. she can now do some more things by herself which is great news and what we have been Praying for. It is HOT, we got back and I went fishing and even at 88 it really felt cool, back home in New York it is 68 !!!!! You 2 behave yourselves !!!! But have Fun!!! take Care, Gary !!!!

Mevely317 said...

So glad you 'won' the argument with smarty-pants GPS! That road less travelled is beautiful, indeed. Betcha wouldn't take a million dollars for your memories, would-ya?

Re. your post last evening (I'm so behind!), yes ... I recall reading about Sherry's mishap and Vitamin I. While I can't begin to imagine the agony, the two of you working through it TOGETHER speaks volumes.


glad you're there. safe and sound.

betty said...

Glad you didn't listen to the GPS and went your way; sounded and looked beautiful!! In the end, you still got there safely and that's all that really matters right?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

In your case I'd have to say there are no mistakes, only adventures. That truly is beautiful country and now you are in a nice campsite on a lake. Glad you had a good trip and a wonderful destination.

Dar said...

And since you and Sherry are the most loving couple around, of course you're in VA. reliving wonderful times together, like who's that handsome guy in the clouds.~love it. I cannot imagine ever climbing that steep mt. You two are champs. You wouldn't believe how many pictures I have of barns. They are part of my heritage so very important to me. My little red barn is right up there with the big producers, only now, mine holds yard and garden equipment instead of cows, horses, puppies and kittens.
Have a most enjoyable time by the lake and beautiful surroundings.
loven'hugs from up north where the pumpkin blossoms are late but just as gorgeous as ever.