Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Exercise, and elusive thing....

Little known facts:
1.    David Bowie used to think he was being stalked by someone who is dressed like a giant pink rabbit. Bowie noticed the fan at several recent concerts, but became alarmed when he got on a plane and the bunny was also on board.
2.    Dr. Samuel A. Mudd was the physician who set the leg of Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, and whose shame created the expression for ignominy: "His name is Mudd."
3.    Wayne's World was filmed in two weeks.


An elusive thing around our household.  WE have this habit (over all) of walking at least 3 miles a day. HOWEVER in the past few weeks we have been unable (or just didn’t) to walk. Too many distractions (some absolutely great reasons), some just lazy.   Little things like rain interfered also LOL.

But for sure it has happened before, and we bounced back, we will again.  This week and last we have enjoyed the company of Grandson Benjamin Aaron and his daughter Elsie Mae.  Actually Son Jack, Ben’s dad, has taken the lead in making sure many things went well.

                                  The real Banana SPLIT!

WE have never spent any time in the Lynchburg area of Virginia.  There is a park in that area we have reserved a week.  We are looking forward to unwinding some and rehashing this visit, as we resume walking. It has been absolutely wonderful to see Ben for two weeks.  WE have a full hook up site behind a house we rent to our granddaughter Sherece.  She graciously made room for Ben and Elsie, so they have been near.  Just a few minutes ago Elsie dropped in for a chat, and to pick up some Reece Cups Grandma Sherry had bought her. LOL 

For this week, Ben and Elsie have the house to themselves (Sherece and family are in St Augustine, and have been able to sleep as late as they want.

So, do you have any regular exercise?  (Do you stick with it?)
Nite Shipslog
 My  Brother Odis owned one exactly like this, I thought it was beautiful! No car had ever done colors like this.


Paula said...

You can't walk in the rain and mess Sherry's pretty hair up.

betty said...

The time spent with family definitely takes priority over exercise time :) You guys will resume it when things "settle down." I need to restart my regular exercise program (walking on the treadmill). I keep saying "next Monday" but its been a month of Mondays. Perhaps soon :)



you'll get to walking again soon as the weather cooperates. meawhile glad you were able to enjoy ben's and his daughters company.

Dar said...

A great early 52 degree morning to you, our dear friends. The cooler weather puts us happily in our gardens tending the tiny weeds in between the veggies. We'll put up a triple strand of solar elec. fencing around the 1/2 acre pumpkin/potato patch today to keep the country critters from eating blossoms.
So, as noted, gardening gives us exercise, but doesn't get our heart-rate up there as we both need. I do, however, at least get my morning stretches in and walks on the cabin trails when we're there. I'm so happy you had such memorable times with Ben and Elsie. How did Elsie Mae like the ocean on her tootsies.?
I love your brother Odis' car. Why did they stop making such awesome rides???
Enjoy your time unwinding, rehashing and resuming walking.
love n' hugs from our cool but welcome north

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds to me like you might just still be getting exercise only of a different kind. A change in schedule means changes in what you do and I'd say company with family you rarely get to see would overrule what you usually do. Not a bad change at all !

Mevely317 said...

Exercise can wait! Seems y'all have your priorities in order ... Ben, Elsie, Ben, Elsie ... repeat. (LOL)

I wish I'd the self-discipline to find and adhere to an exercise program.
My blog-friend (Mad Snapper)'s 80-y/o hubby recently suffered a mild stroke ... which, I suppose was a God-send, in that they discovered one of his carotid arteries was 100% blocked, the other 80%. I don't suppose Sandra would mind me quoting from her July 7 post: "All the doctors said the same thing, Bob swimming 1000 meters a day for 19 years plus doing his calisthenics at  home, taking care of the pool and mowing grass, saved his life."