Friday, July 7, 2017

Pennies and Toys

Little known facts:
1.   Dolphins sleep with one eye open.
2.   Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards and are on the Australian coat of arms for that reason.
3.   The jellyfish is 95% water.

Pennies and Toys
We made a trip to Walmart and the change counting machine. Of course Ben and Elsie did not have time to count and roll the change, and certainly could not carry it back in their luggage, so we let the machine count the change. Each Grandlove (Word taken from Darla up in the North Woods of Wisconsin) got a little over $22.00 after paying the coin machine 10%. Then of course it was time to shop in the toy department.

Oh for the attitudes in times past. The new attitudes of children are the results of peers, us grandparents and parents. Our two great grands came out of Sherece’s house and said, “We are Bored!”

Sherece said, “Then you weren’t in my house! There are enough toys and games to keep you busy all year.”

Many reading this blog know what I am saying. Most of us came from a time when you had 3-5 toys you had enough to last all summer and into the winter. A cowboy pistol was great. I could ride a stick horse for hours. When a boy had a ball, someone had a bat. You shared gloves in the field. If there wasn’t enough for a game, you played ‘rolly bat’.

Boys could drive blocks of wood or toy cars for hours on end. Girls could play house with one or two dolls. Jump Rope, jump plank or hide and seek was big. Seldom did mom or dad play with you.  Now it is ‘demanded’ at times.

A scratch about demands a trip to the emergency room. Flying kites, Skating, Foot races, riding bicycles or playing something like volley ball without a net were games of the moment.

Of course imagination was the key. No one has more imagination that a kid when challenged. What was your favorite game or toy as a kid.

 Our Greatgrandloves watching the 4th fireworks.

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Mevely317 said...

Imagination ... BINGO! Never much for dolls, I had a regular fantasy-world going with my tiny plastic corrals and horses.
Too, I (believed) I cut a mean figure in my Roy Rogers shirt, Davy Crockett hat and wooden rifle ... on roller skates. LOL!

PS - Would you look at the LONG legs on Elsie Mae? Kids are so great!

Paula said...

Don't think I had a favorite game back then. There were so many and we played them all. We liked walking somewhere like to an old abandoned oil well to have a picnic.

betty said...

I bet the great grands had a great time watching the fireworks! Saying "I'm bored" growing up usually was met with a list of chores in my household, LOL :)

I loved playing with jacks, could do it for hours. That and solitaire when I got a bit older.



i used to play jacks or pretend i was a pirate lost at sea on a desert island when i was a kid. nowdays kids need devices to keep them occupied. imagination speaks volumes.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Imagination is a wonderful thing. The pictures of your grand loves is heartwarming for sure...times have changed but one thing stays families are forever.

Lisa said...

I played everyone of these games you mentioned. Ill add jack rocks marbles to the list. But id would have rather played with the Studebaker you show here!

Relaxing today

shirl72 said...

They had to much fun entertaining us with the small Flags, singing and dancing. They want to be entertained all the time. It is a shame they don't know the games we use to play when we were outside. Hop-Scotch and jump rope was two things that kept us busy.

Dar said...

loved this Jack, and played all and favorite was the balancing beam in the was one of three logs sectioning the haymow. Dad kept grain there and the hay above. We'd also pull one another high above the bales below us and swing like we were circus entertainers. There was never time to get bored growing up on the farm. I loved racing the horses with my twin and trick riding...oh, and catching frogs in the pond to have frog jumping contests. Thanks for the sweet memories. Your GrandLoves are adorable and G R O W I N G fast. Hang on fast for they'll be off on their own before you know it. They really Are GRAND LOVES of our lives.
love n' hugs from a gorgeous 75 degree day in the north. Time for a picnic.