Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Just nothing

                                       History, Gettysburg, PA

 1938 a year before I was born, a reunion of Civil War Veterans. A Union and a Confederate soldier, shaking hands across a rock fence at Gettysburg.
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Today I am blank.  I am a happy dude.  Life is wonderful, it is hard to concentrate when looking for a GREAT idea for a book. One that I like.

However I do have work to do here. I am starting on the back porch area to screen it in. We are looking forward to a screened in porch. We bought the block and brick for the base of our screen. I was amazed that in Lowes they have both Halloween and Christmas decorations. This old man is shocked at the price some folk will bay for Halloween decorations.

I had a good talk with a couple neighbors. It is so nice to like your neighbors. I was a little surprised, one of the neighbors has moved and the house is up for sale.

This is a big rental neighborhood, so most likely an investor will buy it and rent it out.  The fence in the back yard is down from the hurricane and makes the property look worse than it is.

Thanks for dropping by.  Life is good at our home behind our house.

Nite Shipslog

1938 Jaguar. New at time of the reunion above.


Paula said...

I like that-- your home behind your house. Have a good day tomorrow. John is having laser surgery on one eye, then he has another one (don't remember what) in a few weeks. He is hoping to try for his drivers license as they expired in September when it Is all healed. I have my doubts but I don't tell him. Too many other things against him.

Lisa said...

Hope you get some nice neighbors! I do love a screen porch. I was just telling Nick today how I would like a porch. On a beach house of course. Its fun thinking about it anyway.



screened in porch sounds nice. you're right about the cost of decorations for christmas or halloween. expensive.

betty said...

Heard in some places actually people spend more decorating for Halloween than Christmas!! Sounds like you had a great day today with an added boost of getting to talk to a neighbor!


shirl72 said...

I have downsized in my decorations...I will put a few things out but as you
know no traffic and I am the only one that would see them. ..The stores are full of decorations for both events, they rush the seasons.

It is nice to sit on a screened in porch, rock and watch traffic. Keep rocking.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Next to the beach, I'd have to say the porch is one of my favorite places to be. It's great you are so handy and can do the work yourself. I can imagine there will be many happy hours for you two spent on that porch. Hope you'll take some pictures to share of your progress. Sending some ***BIG SMILES*** your way from Ohio!

Mevely317 said...

Gosh, that veterans' reunion photo is something. I'd no idea!

It may seem odd, but having a covered back porch area is a requisite (for me) at our next home. Bonus points if it's already screened! Flooring can be replaced and walls repainted, but neither of us are inclined to build a porch!

Sure glad we don't decorate for Halloween. I know I've said it before, but it's sad how retailers rush the holidays.

Rick Watson said...

I write on our screen porch for much of the year. It's one of my favorite places in our house.

Dar said...

love the idea of a screened in porch but even better for us would be a year round sun room., since our winters are so harsh, just so we can have a summer cross breeze. I'm envious of course. The only fall decorating we do is our
2 car trailers and a hay wagon full of the pumpkins we sell. It's a beautiful sight, all those orange orbs, especially in the sunshine.
love n' hugs from our home to yours, (behind your house)...love it.
It must be fall, it only got up to 56 degrees today and a cold wind.