Friday, September 21, 2018

Better times ahead

One of Jim & Shirl's Studebaker project cars many moons ago

Blackie, my cat, no ’the feral cat’ is still around. I had a talk with her today. She paid about as much attention as the trees.  I apologized for leaving her without food. She continued to wash herself about 8 feet away. In the middle of our talk she walked off. I called her a few names, none affected her. LOL

Later she told me she had been eating well. (I noticed she wasn’t eating too much of my bought-en food) Michelle next door has spoiled her with table scraps.  She walked over and let me pet her and we made up.

Now about the motor home. Mike in Atlanta called today saying the parts came in, they would install them this afternoon, and start up the engine on Monday to see if there are other ‘issues’.  I am not sure I like that word issues. I prefer ‘check to see if there is  any trouble with the engine.’  I think ISSUES cost more than engine trouble.  LOL

Fairly often we think of something we want and grin. Then laugh and say, that is in the motor home. Even Son-Mark e-mailed today wanting a copy of his resume’, I told him it resides in the computer down in Atlanta.

I took Shirl’s computer to the computer geek to see if he could turn the computer over to ME.  I tried to follow the instructions on the net and made it inaccessible to me.  I am frustrated on this older lap top and Smart Phones. I have learned Smart phones have made idiots out of sane people.

Tomorrow it will be 63 years since I tricked a beautiful, smart girl into marrying me.  She has been the best. I love  that she  decided to live with her mistakes.

I have tried many things in  my life to support us.  She worked towards her own career once the boys were of school age.  We both had frugal parents who raised families through the Great Depression.  We were told to avoid ‘debt’ if at all possible. We haven’t always been successful, but for the past 30 years we have been debt free. If we use a credit card, it is paid off that month.

We drove used cars while many friends bought new cars every year and made payments. We put off buying things until we could pay for them. Life has been good to us.  We are both at the 80 mark, and she is as beautiful as ever.  I tell the grands, “She is still the best kisser in the world.”

We kiss when we get the urge. We started laughing when the boys said 'stop that'. Sitting on a bench at the River Walk a few years ago Sherry kissed me. Our sons said She embarrassed them.  LOL  Okay that WE embarrassed them.

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Lisa said...

You two are just adorable. The kids in the background made me laugh.
I Hope those geeks can get you in that computer.

Yall behave!

betty said...

Its great with the love you and Sherry have! Who cares who you embarrass. You are just having fun with each other and that is all that matters. Let's hope there are no "issues" with the motor home and when it is fired up, all will go well.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats to the two of you on 63 years! Love has no age limit and kissing is always in style as far as I'm concerned. Hope the good news is that all works just fine once they get that engine started. Meanwhile celebrate and enjoy your very special day !

Chatty Crone said...

Well things are starting to look up!

Happy Anniversary - the two of you are cute!

Mevely317 said...

'Glad to hear you and Blackie have made up! I hope Michelle will continue tending to her once y'all leave for Florida? (Then again, Blackie might enjoy seeing the fireworks from Disney. Jus' saying ….)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY tomorrow. You two are the cutest!

Dar said...

Sorry this is late but Happy Anniversary-63, WOW a real milestone~ I don't know many that have made it that far together. You two deserve only the best., like news that the coach runs fine without any more ISSUES. It'll all work out, I'm sure.
love n' hugs from up north where the pumpkins are flying off the wagons.
Hug and Kiss your bride one more time for us.


happy anniversary and many more.