Friday, September 28, 2018

Ever been to the DMV?

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We have dealt with the DMVs in several states in our moving around. Most are like a visit to the dentist without novacain (?).

I once signed Jack Darnell on my insurance card VS my full birth name of Jackie Leon and it took about an act of congress to fix it in NC.

I have driven 20 miles and wasted an hour to get an insignificant paper.

Sister Shirl left us a very nice Honda CRV. It is three years old and like new with 6,240 miles on it. Sherry and I waited over an hour in the right office after driving 10 miles to the wrong office, and being sent back to the correct office.

Part of the above was our fault.

But we had to take that title and registration to Florida to register and title it in our home state.  WE drove thru Atlanta to leave a check. There we found that our refrigerator had died and the MH stunk, terrible. The Maintenance super apologized and would not let us clean out the refer, he felt he should do it. So we left him to it and headed on south to Florida.

Our Florida home is in good shape, we spent the night then to the DMV!

We have never dreaded going to a Florida DMV.Sherry likes them because they let you approve the picture on your license, if you don’t like it they will keep shooting until you do.

The last time, after 11 tries, the nice lady said, “I am sorry sir, but it is hard to make you look 17!” (just kidding!)

 Anyway at the DMV there was no line. Afer explaining the situation to Brandi, she said, “Tell the receptionist you need a VIN check, and when you have it come on back here.”

Juanita smiled and accompanied me to the car and got all the info. Then back to Brandi. “Do you have anything saying you inherited the car?  If you do you will not have to pay taxes.”

“No ma’am, I left it lying on the table, I can drive and get it.”

Smiling, “I don’t think that will be necessary, give me a minute.”  She went to talk to her super.  She returned with a small printed note. “Just sign this saying you declare or swear that you inherited the car and that will suffice.”  

We left happy in less than 15 minutes with title and tag.  I can’t say enough good about Florida’s DMVs.  We have been to three different ones and they all have been just as accommodating and nice.

I can finally seriously say something nice about a government ‘service’ agency.  These people act just like you are paying their salary, and you are.

Anyway, we are back in NC after a 3 day whirlwind 1300 mile trip.  A trip that was fun I might add. We always enjoy being on the road.

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betty said...

Son has a Honda CRV; they are nice cars. Glad it worked out good at the DMV to get everything transferred in such a short period of time!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Going to the DMV is an every other year event for me. We can now renew our tags for 2 years and I'm liking that. Ours is always efficient and courteous too. You'll hear no complaints from me. I've never had to wait very long at all even though there was a line ahead of me. Glad you had a fun but very quick trip and glad your Florida home is doing ok too. It's been awhile since you were there.

Lisa said...

I havnt been to the DMV since my last License renewal which I could have done online but wanted a new Photo (im like Sherry). I go when the doors open and its usually a breeze but the people are not very friendly. They were open for 5 minutes and you would have tought they they had been there for 24 hours.
Honda CRVs are pretty litte vehicles. I think you will enjoy it.

Happy Saturday

Chatty Crone said...

Glad it went well for you.
We have 3 Honda CRV's and my son has one in Ohio.
Mine is a 2000 - Rick's is a 2003 - and Andy's is a 2008 - we LOVE them. sandie

Mevely317 said...

A 'like-new' CRV? Sweet!!!
I sure don't recall getting to approve my DL photo; they must've got smarter (lol) after I left. Thus far, the ladies of Elmore County are nice -- but they're sticklers for details.

Rick Watson said...

I’ve had good experiences at our local government offices too.
I think part of the problem too is that some of these offices are under staffed and over worked.
That would explain some of the “Don’t Care Attitude.”

On another note, this is the first time your blog has sent me notification that you posted in over a year.

Dar said...

We have our DL renewed every 8 years...don't know why or how but it's OK with me. My photo always looks like I'm a criminal and there are no re-dos so they get what they take. Next time I think I'll let the gray through and that'll teach-um when they compare to see I've gone red again. LOL Sorry your RV stinks. That's a terrible job to clean up so nice of the guy to do it for ya.
Also glad your FL home was ok. You guys get to have all the fun. Sweet!
love n' hugs from up north where we heard on the news that pumpkin farmers have so many pumpkins rotting on the fields from all the rain....glad we aren't the only ones going bust this year.