Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Law West of the Pecos

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Still in Texas, we were playing tourist for a day.  Our goal was crossing the Pecos to take son Mark to see Judge Roy Bean, well not him of course, but his territory and Court. Most know he was known as ‘The Law West of the Pecos.’ (Pictures are from that Historical site)

We have been here at least once (I get confused!). I love to read the history of real people in the West.  The most colorful are the best.
The one BIG thing I have noticed in out travels is that the West and especially the southwest has so many interesting places that the crowds are smaller. Judge Bean’s is not a destination place, but one where you stop, if it is on the way.

An example is the HOT SPRING at Big Bend. That place was hopping years ago, thousands of tourists came here to sit and bath in the ‘healing’ waters. Sherry and I hiked out to it and sat by ourselves for about 15 minutes. From the hot springs you can put your arm over in the Rio Grande.

But for today we are satisfied to Show Mark the Pecos and a well-kept Judge Roy Bean Law West of the Pecos hall of justice. As most know, Judge Bean was a big admirer of Lilly Langtry. The little community is called Langtry. Roy Bean died 1903 in the little billiard hall adjacent to the court and bar and buried here in Del Rio.

We did not go to the burial site today, but Sherry and I have been there.
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The Pecos

Today we saw about 10 people happily viewing the Judge's place


Lisa said...

Interesting stuff. Look how cute Sherry is!!! Yall keep exploring. We holding things down over here.


NanaDiana said...

I love 'armchair traveling' along with you and your wife. We moved into our new place (temporary for a year) and hope to do a bit of traveling late next year. Hubby has never been west of WI so he has lots to explore. I remember reading about Judge Bean and find the history very interesting.
Hope you and Sherry have a great weekend. Diana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a great view of the Pecos river there. Nice to can enjoy the company of your son on this trip. It's always a joy to have great traveling companions. There is a lot of history in the west and it should not be forgotten.

Dar said...

I know I got the travelers bug due to my lil sis and I having taken our roadtrip through 10 states a month ago. So much to see, read and remember. Our little piece of USA is full of amazing history. I've never been that far south in TX but might have to venture there again. Going through TX is like traveling 4-5 of our smaller states. Hang onto those fine memories. I loved Judge Roy Bean's Jersey Lilly. My kind of place. Enjoy being a tourist!
love n' hugs from our northeast of the Mississippi......

betty said...

It looks like a great area to explore! A lot of history down there too!


Mevely317 said...

Great pictures, Jack! All the years I lived in Texas, I never had a yen to explore Judge Roy's stomping grounds. Still, I recall your interest in reading of such denizens. Perhaps, after this getaway, Mark will have a new-found interest like his dad!