Saturday, September 29, 2018

This thing called technology

When cars were art!

  1968 Camaro SS

Printers. I still use a printer for a letter or some other reason. I purchased a remote printer a couple months ago and when everything seemed to go crazy I just never got it set up.

I needed to print out the Cummins letter and estimate so I could sign and send it back. I tried to hook the remote up to the laptop.  The laptop ‘operating system’ is so old it was not compatible.

Sherry is trying to keep up with her stuff on the phones, now that I have this computer in operation we might be able to use it.

Technology is wonderful…… but mostly for young people LOL. I was telling Sherry the other day this is getting too much for me. I have said it many times, but am so frustrated at times I get mad at myself. I was in on the ground-floor of the BIG computers. I repaired Honeywell, Burroughs and IBM, but now I am lucky to get a picture off a phone.

Well it really ‘ain’t’ a phone. It is a computer, camera, recorder, movie camera and database. It is many more things but that is above my paygrade too.

I used to take pride in looking over at Sherry and saying, “Do you realize we are the only two people who know where we are right now.”  Back then we had to find a pay phone and make an expensive long distance call. Remember? You tried not to go over 3 minutes.  The operator even came on the line and said something like ‘you have 10 seconds left or ‘Your 3 minutes are up.” If you went past 3 minutes it became real expensive.

Now, with cell phones everyone in the family knows where we are. Not only that, but when I called in our road emergency in the other day, they said, “We will locate you by your phone and send someone out.”

About cell phones, I have always been liberal with our phones, if someone asked to use my phone I handed it to them.  Now I just heard locally a young man asked a passing young college student, “Can I use you phone a minute I need to call mom, mine needs charging.”

Of course the college kid did. During that minute the borrower dumped the phone to his and within an hour had taken money out of the lenders bank account using his CC#.

Imma tell you, technology is out yonder now, for honest and crooked people. Keep your phone close to your chest. Just like playing cards.  LOL

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Chatty Crone said...

Yikes never loan out the ole phone! Glad to know.

betty said...

I look at grandson who csn work my tablet pretty well to navigate around Netflix and YouTube. I can't imagine how much will change in his lifetime technology wise.


Lisa said...

I think I have kept up with technology pretty well. THey say the easiest way to learn new things is to not be afraid of them. Someone one told me that you can not mess up a computer and if you can do it, you can undo it....Yea right.
I use my phone for everything. I even purchase things by pointing it to the keypad devices. (I use Apple Pay). I have family members that are against and do not trust new technoloy and will only use their phone for talking or texting. When they ask why I trust computers with my checking account? I say, “ well I can go to the bank and let them check it throught a computer or I can do it myself”. Whats the difference.

Off to church.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The thing about technology is that it is constantly changing and it gets hard for me to keep up. I agree we need to keep our phones close...and as much as I appreciated mine, I'm not willing to share it. Good advice!

Dar said...

Now that's scary what you pointed out about the generous college student. We have cell phones, the quick, easy, cheap kind, and only Bill and I get to use them. My grandkids have asked to use my computer too and it's off limits even to the teenagers. It tell them all to go outside and get some fresh air., play hide and seek, bocche'ball or football....they do. They don't even mind stacking wood in the woodshed. We're lucky for not all of todays kids would even know how to cross-pile. lol When we struggle with technology, we ask the youngsters for help. Times have sure changed.
love n' hugs from our northwoods where it's been a very overcast day....feels like fall with colored leaves, nips in the air and touches of frost.
Have a great week

Mevely317 said...

You're singing my song, friend! Not only am I the world's biggest techno-phobe, I'm married to he who is in 2nd place. (*smile*) I'm still of the school, "If it ain't broken, don't try fixing it."

I'm aghast about that cell phone ruse. I mean, doesn't everyone want to be a good neighbor. No more Mr. Nice Guy!

Rick Watson said...

It’s a challenge keeping up. I’m not saying “I’m up” because things still throw me for a loop, but I do OK most of the time.