Wednesday, September 19, 2018

In North Carolina

We are spoiled. Living in a motor home is so simple.  Every thing is practically at your finger tips. As a matter of fact, this key board is adding letters and missing letters. If I were in the motor home I would go in the bed room, raise the bed and get an extra keyboard.  LOL ( I corrected  6 words in that last sentence.)  But I am in our former home. The one we left to start full timing in the motor home.  We own two homes just like this. They are Condos. (or as us southerners say it is a duplex.)  HOWEVER, Shirl would not live in a duplex, so it had to be called a CONDO.  In reality it is a condo because I deeded separately.

I am in the bed room on another  computer. This bedroom is twice as  big as our motor home. I would rather be in our motor home.

How we got to NC is a special adventure, one I will never forget.

We called Enterprise to rent a car.  After 30 minutes of confusion, they said we are sending a driver to get you. (I am sure my deafness interfering with Ssherry's trying causes a lot of this.)

Anyway,  Tyrone drove up. (shortening a long story) He is a SAX player for famous singers. Played 30 years for top Record  companies. Marvin Gay & Odis Redding were a friends, and gave him a start. His daddy is a PHD. and  Mother a music teacher. The list of famous singers he backed up is endless.  We learned much more, but  you and I might have thought it was BS, until we saw his 'ride'.  Special ordered from Mercedes, 32 feet long and cost twice what our coach cost. It was a special order miniature motor home. We saw it.  He laughed at his job with Enterprise, 'I gotta do something between gigs.'

Enterprise said our economy vehicle had a 'tire  issue' so they had to replace it with a 'Dodge Challenger' or a pickup truck. I chose the Challenger. Honestly I know very little about 'Muscle Cars' or new 'no key' cars. But I had a 2 minute orientation and was turned loose.  I looked at the speedometer, top speed is 160mph. Wow if I had driven this in 1956, I would have been a 'Bad Dude!'

I don't know the size of the engine. But I do know when I needed power on the trip to NC, I HAD IT!

Anyway, meeting Tyrone and driving a muscle car was 'another wrinkle in my horn.' (As mama would say!)

Nite shipslog

Pictures later when I learn how (if I am here that long). We got an e-mail from the head of repairs at Cummins, it will be $2480 to get the engine ready to fire up and trouble shoot. No one likes to hear that, but fortunately living full time in a motorhome, we plan for this, it ain't fun, but we will not have to float a loan. We do hope nothing else is wrong, but that will be known later.
Even with that, Life is good. It was a thrill talking to Tyrone today.


betty said...

What an interesting person Tyronne was! Sticker shock indeed for the repairs but hopefully you'll be back on the road again with the motor home and there won't be any further problems down the road.



repairs cost alot to be sure. Tyronne sounds like an interesting character.

Rain said...

That's a hefty price, my gosh. But it is your home, glad you can afford it without a loan! The Tyrone story is a good one!

Lisa said...

I love how you can turn lemons into lemonade! I think its your good attitude and patience. Tyrone seemed to be really cool dude.
Dodge Challenger? You and Sherry better stay out of trouble and no drag racing down at Seven Oaks!

vroom vroom

Lisa said...

I just read the red paragraph outloud to Nick and we both had a good laught. You better behave.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your motor home is just like any other home, they all require repairs and upkeep. Considering all the years enjoyed in that home, this is probably a small price to pay. The good thing is that you do have a home to go to while the other is being repaired and it's cheaper than staying at the Econo lodge. Hopefully you'll soon be on the road again and fit for many more miles of travel.

Rick Watson said...

Fun ain’t cheap :) Hope you don’t have to knock off a liquor store to pay for the repairs on the motor home.
We meet some interesting people too. Tyrone sounds like the real deal to me.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, Tom (-the-sax-player) would be so envious your meeting Tyrone! His custom coach sounds so neat. I'm curious if Blackie was there to greet you?

Dar said...

Only the best for the best. Sounds like an awesome ride home. The closest I ever came to someone of fame was at the convention center in Orlando....and seeing Donnie and Marie from row was a blast. I can't imagine the fun you had meeting Tyrone. Glad you're home safe.
love n' hugs from up north where the sky opened up and has been pouring down thunderous applause washing our world.

NanaDiana said...

OMGOSH- What an interesting time you had with Tyrone. You know the truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it?

I am sorry you have to fork over well over $2K but it will be worth it because you will have peace of mind that it is FIXED!

I do hope you missed the storms that rocked a lot of the Carolinas.

Reading this really makes me want to hit the road. I was going to ask you- do you tow a car at all or a scooter or any other transportation?

I hope you and Sherry have a wonderful upcoming weekend. Hugs to both of you- Diana