Sunday, September 23, 2018

Retraining is not fun!

 The Studebaker truck above and Isseta below were part of Jim and Shirl's car collection.

I built this house for us many years ago.  We lived here for a few years. Sherry worked in Charlotte and I ran my construction company out of the daylight basement.  So the house is not unfamiliar to us. BUT for some reason being used to the motor home for the last 20 plus years, getting used to living in a house is tough.

1. Several times I have had to call out "where are you?" Then the sound is muffled so I must go searching.
2. Sherry has 'lost' her purse four or five times. She knew exactly where it was in the Motor home.
3. We have a choice of bathrooms and showers.
4. WE know exactly where the phone chargers are in the MH, but not here.
5. We forget there is a dish-waxher (and it needs to be used).
6. Too many choices of rooms and  places to sit.
7. We have even tried the TV's since we have these big HD TVs',  but it is just like we remembered, toooooo many commercials.

 Really the list goes on and I ask myself why did I ever think we needed this much space..We know this is only temporary at present, we will leave for Florida in a few weeks. but it is still discomboobulating. 

I am over blowing it a bit, but down deep, neither of us like a house.  BUT, but we are smart enough to know we cannot continue to travel and live in the motor home at our mid 80s and into our 90s.  YOu do not want us on the road, and we do not need to be there in a 26,000+ pound vehicle at 60-70 mph.

That said, we hope to hear good news from Atlanta in the morrow and we can get our wheel-estate back. There we know where the p-nut butter is and where the dishes, pots and pans are.  LOL

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PS: We haven't heard back from the TV geek!


Lisa said...

Have you ever concidered a “tiny House?” Look it up. They are darling and You can get them with wheels too “Just in case”.

Fighting my blogging app over here in Gtown.

Chatty Crone said...

Did you have trouble getting used to be in the RV? I might just take you some time to get used to things.


betty said...

You guys were so used to such a "little" amount of space and managed well for such a long time. It would be hard to have an abundance of space and try to adapt to it. I hope you guys get the motor home back sooner than later so you can get back to your "normal" as you know it.


Sheila Y said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope there’s good news from Atlanta when it comes.
Love from Florida, Sheila


i hope you have good news about your home on wheels since you keep losing things in the house.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They say we really don't appreciate what we have until it's gone. So true...hope you are back in your motor home soon. I know that since I've downsized into a smaller place things are easier to find and everything pretty much has it's place. It's more than enough space for me. I can appreciate what you're feeling. Hope you have some good news soon!

Mevely317 said...

LOL … y'all are so cute! But seriously. I agree about having TOO much room. I've never owned a large residence like yours; and in fact, I want to say (guess) my childhood home was 800 sq. feet. Just right!
Crossing my fingers for GOOD news from Atlanta!

Woody said...

We live in "Senior Citizen" Housing, to get in here you have to be 65 or Disabled!,, I was both ! We have a living room with 2 recliners, a rocking chair and on the end we have a dining room table and 4 chairs on rollers we had shipped up from Florida ! We have a Large bedroom, small bathroom, 2 large closets, small kitchen and small storage Pantry. Sometimes it is too small, sometimes too crowded but most important it is Great to sit here and have my honey withn arms reach to hold hands! Hope you get your "Wheels" back ! Take Care, Gary

Dar said...

Bill's uncle, 90, just moved from his trailer and 5 acres, to one room in the nursing home. He's adjusting, says he has enough with his two rockers, 2 dressers, a magazine rack and his deer horns on the wall...and a bulletin board full of family pictures. He said his home was getting to be way too much to handle in the winter and he's not getting any younger. He's still spry and well-minded but wise to know what he can and cannot do any longer. I know how hard it was for him to give up gardening and feeding the deer but then, now he can still watch for the deer in the park and river that he sees out his window. Life changes. I know you guys love your Wheel-estate and soon you'll have it back for as long as you need it., right!
love n' hugs from up north where it continues to be warm days, cool nights at our too-big a house. Time to downsize, at least the contents.

NanaDiana said...

Morning, Jack! Wow---always some kind of dilemma going on isn't there? Should I? Shouldn't I? Can we? Will we?

I just sent the link to your blog to my hubby. He has a good head for figuring things out (at least for other people) he may have some suggestion(s) for you.

I assume you are in a condo when you are down south? Can you go to a small condo when you are "home", too? Is "home" even really necessary? How about a tiny house (that whole craze that is going on right now) close to your family? (If you WANT to be close-that is)

I know that ultimately you will make the right decision for you and's just making that final decision that is so daunting sometimes.

Bless you both and I hope you have a great Wednesday! Diana