Friday, September 14, 2018

My Dentist

An Automobile of Art!
 1930 Ruston Model C
And today
Okay, the trip to Acuna, MX is over. I ended up getting three crowns and Mark had two teeth pulled. Total cost $1,200.  Up in Belmont I had one tooth pulled a few weeks back for $425.00.

Now I do understand that in Belmont the dentist MUST have insurance against charges of malpractice. I personally think there should be a cap and a reasonable amount allowed for ‘accidents’ or actual ‘malpractice’ here in the USA. Some areas of Florida a Doctor’s insurance is over $100K a year. Naturally that must be passed to the patients.

Anyway we are on our way home. I wanted to explain something. This is my dentist 3-4 years ago.

Dr. Aide Talamantes-Garabedian
I commented when I first saw her I liked her hair. (I did not say, ‘not as well’ as before)

The rest of the story:
Last trip I was her last patient before she and her sister left to attend their father’s funeral, mid-Mexico. This time, as we were leaving, she told us that a short time after her return from the funeral she was diagnosed with State ‘3’ breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy.  She had surgery and a long run of Chemo thus the hair.  I was her first patient since the diagnosis. She has now been declared cancer free.
This trip.,,,,,,,

She is such a sweet lady and we are so glad she took the time to open up to us. Funny, I never have felt that close to a doctor or dentist. But I felt we are friends. I will most likely never see her again, but it is a pleasure knowing her.

Ships passing in the night……

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what a sweet dentist. you're lucky to have found her.

betty said...

Glad she is cancer free. She looks like a very nice lady. I am sure she is loved by her patients.


Mevely317 said...

She's beautiful, Jack! (I'm sorta partial to the short 'do' myself.)
Even tho you may not meet in person again, perhaps she's on Facebook … or can follow the Ship's Log?

Chatty Crone said...

She is beautiful Jack - and she still is!

Lisa said...

Thats a really good picture of you two. Like Mevely317 said, maybe shes on Facebook or has a website you can follow.

Safe travels

Rick Watson said...

She seems delightful.