Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Some bad news

Automobiles of art:
1929 Packard convertible

But for the  present: 

We drove across the Border this AM. The dentist has a new hairdo. Her hair is short this year. She is still very pretty. I will try to remember to get her picture.

She took Son Mark in first. He came out a short time later after the x-rays and consultation. He had waited too late and the teeth could not be saved.  He is not a good candidate for implants at this time. Needless to say he is disappointed.  Since the results will be dentures he will do that back in Florida.

But the trip is not a total loss. I told her of two areas I needed a lot of help. I have one area between teeth that must be flossed out, half of every meal is left there methinks. And  on the opposite side of my mouth there is a ‘fractured tooth’ that has given me no problem so I have let it be. 

After looking x-rays and talking she said YES you have a big hole where the food likes to stay. I think I can fix that. She said the fractured tooth should be capped because sooner of later it is gonna cause problems. I agreed.

So as I type I have three temp caps Awaiting the permanent ones Friday.

So this will make the trip worth it. I will save the price of the diesel and overnight costs by getting it done.

Backing up, this is some rice fields and baled cotton in Louisiana. (The cotton did not come out!)

 Below is a distant shot of the oil refineries of Louisiana.

And I love these old suspended trestles here in Texas, reminding me of my past,
Nite Shipslog


Lisa said...

Bad new for Mark but he will look great with dentures! They make them now days to where no one will ever know. Just tell him not to take them out in front of the children. Haha.
There is something about those old thristled bridges that scare me. My tummy does flip flops when I see one. I dont know why. Id probably have a panic attack if I ever had to drive over one.

Hunkered down in Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry about your son's report from the dentist, but glad she is able to help you. I know it's a lot cheaper there than anyplace here. Dental work is expensive. So it's not a wasted trip at all.

Dar said...

Sorry Mark's dentist report was a bust but good for you for taking care of yours. I just had 2 fillings at the tune of 460 bucks more than I wanted to shell out. But at least now I can eat ice cream without a screaming brain freeze. lol As for the bridge, I like it. We crossed one throughout my teen years over the Flambeau every day on our way to school. It was pretty neat~
love n' hugs from our fair weather fall. It's gorgeous out and the leaves are turning!

betty said...

Good news is that Mark will have a smile he'll be glad to show off and like Lisa said, nowadays it is hard to tell what are "real" teeth versus "fake" ones. Good that you'll be taken care of too with the dental work. I know a lot of people here go across the border for their dental needs, so much more reasonable in costs.


Mevely317 said...

Oh, poor Mark! My former hubby had a 'full set' and I sure envied him, never having to visit a dentist again.
Talk about looking real? One day he was flicking his pen (nervous habit) when it flew up ... knocking out a corner of one of his front teeth. He never did have it repaired, and I observed: "Now no-one will ever guess these are falsies!"

Chatty Crone said...

Sorry about your son's teeth, but glad you can get yours fixed. I didn't know that is what you were going for.
I hope you stop and visit Paula!
Love, sandie