Tuesday, September 11, 2018

On into Texas

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 1927 Erskine Touring Car

 We drove into Seguin Texas at about 5PM.  Registered and set up the coach. “Hey, we gotta go to the Riverwalk. We can’t be this close and not go.”  IT was 40 miles.

But we do love the San Antonio Riverwalk, so we took a little side trip. We ordered. Mark had Texas Catfish, I had the taco soup and Sherry had enchiladas. Mark and I helped Sherry clean her plate.

On the riverwalk

We heard the strolling troubadours and watched lots of folks having a good time, then headed back to the RV. This old man is tired, the trip today was tough with a lot of pouring rain. 
 The tourist buggies were in full swing, here is one.
It is going to be hard to forgive the Texas DOT for trying to repair 100 miles of interstate and all the bridges at one time.  What a trip! Imma tell you there are some NARROW lanes with concrete walls on both sides.

 Our minds went back 15 years when we were taking the same trip to San Antonio, Sherry w=had relieved me driving and she hit Houston and they were working on this same interstate. Sherry white-knuckled the coach all the way through Houston, there was no place to pull off to switch drivers. BUT she came through like a champ and “didn’t hit nothing!”
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Dar said...

unable to leave a comment again.......dangitall!!!!
White-knuckle drives are no fun. Sherry's a champ! It seems construction is everywhere............be careful on your trek home. Sounds like the Carolina's are getting pounded.
love n' hugs from our sunny, fall days

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you made it safe and sound even with all the road work. I've visited San Antonio but never did the River Walk. I've seen pictures and it is beautiful! One thing I remember about traffic in Texas is that it is heavy. Hope you enjoy your stay!

betty said...

Sherry is my hero for driving through that traffic in a motor home! I agree, why do they save all the construction projects for the same time, especially in a state of Texas that isn't as affected by winter weather say like Montana. Doesn't make travel pleasant at all.

Dinner sounded delicious though!


Chatty Crone said...

I have to be honest - I would not be a good RV'er - not much of a driver - for some reason it puts me to sleep! I am glad Sherry can do it white knuckled or not!
Did you use the new Peach Pass lanes here? We have been under construction now for years. I miss the old Georgia = with the greenery - now we have those concrete walls and it really looks ugly!

I am venting - don't know how I got off on that subject - have a nice time in Texas! If you see Paula give her a hug for me.

Mevely317 said...

Ugh … How I remember those narrow lanes and white concrete thingies on both sides. Coming out here in March we encountered AWFUL traffic, both in San Antonio and Houston. I'll never forget the sign reading, Road Construction next 528 miles. Even though it's not as direct a route, I told Tom if we EVER drive west again, I'm taking I-20. Lots prettier and wide spaces.


Dinner sounded delicious.