Thursday, September 27, 2018

Humanity, life and death

Most folk enjoy life. We do have our problems, but many times we learn some life lesson when the problem is solved or dissolved. In the past few months  I have listed several situations that I was uncomfortable with. A few years ago I sat by my older sister Kat’s bedside and sang to her the best I could, all night as she was easing out of this life.
Just in the recent months I stood by Shirley’s bedside as she took her last breath. Now for both these girls at ages late 70s and early 80s passing over is not unusual. Younger members of our family have said, “Well they lived long interesting lives, it was their time.”
I know a secret these young fold do not know but will learn if they live long enough. When you are 80 and in good health you want live to be 90. At no time in my nearly 80 years have I said, “Well, it is time, I have lived longer than mama or daddy. I have had a long life.  Truth is we that are older, want to get OLDER. Ain’t that the gospel.
Now, the reason for this ‘dark post’.  Wednesday Morning we left for Florida early.  We had no way of knowing that in his apartment Just blocks from our home in Belmont, at age 33, Brandon McGee, Stella’s daddy, had had an accident and was no longer breathing.  
In this case, the shock seems so unreal, 33 is too early to depart this life. He was never officially a member of our family, but we still considered him a grandson-in-law. He was a good worker and carried a smile.
Brandon’s dad found him un responsive later that morning. Now our beautiful Stella no longer will spend weekends with her dad. She was so happy after last weekend. She and Brandon had said they had a wonderful time. Stella’s mama and Brandon were no longer together but they were on a friendly basis. Something we were so proud of and hoping for ‘EVEN MORE.
I follow Sean of he South. His dad departed early and he talks of the pain he and his sister who was about Stella’s age, endured. Remember Stella and Brandon’s family. He had loving parents, he also had a son and daughter besides Stella.
WE finished our business as soon as possible and will leave for NC early in the morning.
Life goes on, and is GOOD most of the time.
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betty said...

Oh, this is just so sad to read! So sorry to all for the passing of Brandon. I especially feel for Stella and her half siblings. Life for them has dramatically changed and will never be the same. Definitely will keep all in my prayers. 33 is way too young!


Iftikhar said...

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That had to have been a terrible shock for all of you that knew him. So sad to see someone so young die. It's definitely something that takes our breath away. So sorry to hear of this and will be keeping all in my prayers, especially dear Little Stella. Love and hugs from Ohio.

Chatty Crone said...

Life doesn't make sense does it at times?
I am again so very sorry - seems like you all are having some rough times.
Hugs to all.

Mevely317 said...

As we were leaving my son's place this afternoon, as ever there was some good natured bantering about aches and pains. "Don't ever get old.", Tom quipped. Well, we weren't out of the drive before I'd my phone out, reading him what you wrote. The older just want to get OLDER. Gospel, my friend! I'm so saddened for your family's sudden loss. Please be safe out there on the road.

Dar said...

Oh My, Jack and Sherry, My heart is full of sorrow for your family. You are so wonderful to have kept Brandon part of your family, and then this tragedy.
You have our hugs and love during this sad time. Little Stella will have a very hard time with this as she grows into an adult but she's very lucky to have the greatest grandparents around to guide her. Stay strong for her and her siblings.
love n' hugs always, especially now. Dear God is close by.

Lisa said...

Oh I really hate to hear this. I feel so bad for Stella and his other children. I know there is shock and pain in your hearts right now so I will keep you all in my prayers. This whole week has been pretty dark here in Gastonia. Hope for a better next week.

Safe travels and keep the sun shining on your side.