Sunday, September 16, 2018

Yep, we have a bad day every once in awhile

Into every life a little rain…… & love bugs

The front of the coach.
And today…..
Well we have so many very good and good days one cannot complain when a ‘little’ rain falls.  Today we stopped below Montgomery, Ala. To fill up with diesel. Son Mark asked if we would need the tow vehicle the rest of the way, our answer was. No. He disconnected it and headed on to NC. He wanted to get to Belmont and say hello and goodbye to his kids and head for Florida.
We headed up the road sans the tow car. I always enjoy time with my girl. When we headed for  Georgia the coach skipped a bit. I didn’t like it but kept on going. Then the WARNING LIGHT, THEN THE HEAT GAUGE PEGGED AND OUT THE SIDE WINDOW I SAW A HUGE PUFF OF BLACK SMOKE. We pulled over.
I knew the belt was gone because the engine alternator also quit.

The shoulder is 10’ wide, we are 8. I did not let my tires off the edge, I had seen three buried to the axle today. That left 1 ½ ‘ to the white line. The Mirror is out 8” that leaves 10 “ for 1,350,345 trucks
plus 2,600,015 cars to pass. 


 LOL.  We sat there for 4 hours awaiting a tow truck. The coach weaved with EVERY TRUCK and some cars. OUCH.
Ah, the tow truck arrived.

Driven by Dawn, a tough 55 year old lady.
She climbed up under the coach looking at the engine, climbed out and said, “Me ‘n you could fix it, if we had the parts.”

She towed us to a truck stop, so here we set until in the AM. We are hoping a mechanic that she knows at this truck stop, can get to it.
We know it could have been lots worse. But this is life on the road. We have only been towed twice in our 22 years on the road.
Life is good. We will not miss any appointments or SCHOOL (-: ;-)  We will spend this time just enjoying good company!

Nite Shipslog
Ps: Son Jack called to check on us. Sherry filled him in. Told him not to call Mark.  Later Mark called and wanted to know if we wanted him to come back, of course we said NO!
All is well.


Chatty Crone said...

Wow - I hope you have repaired it by now. That tow truck driver was pretty cool! At least you are safe in a truck stop - good luck at getting home. Sandie

betty said...

Dawn is my hero! I like her attitude she and you could fix it if the parts were available. Here's hoping you'll be fixed up and back on the road before you know it!


Lisa said...

Im glad Dawn showed up to help you out. She looks like one tough cookie. She is a good sport letting you take her photo with you. Thats life on the road.
Glad all is well. I hope yall get rolling again soon. Its the adventure that make a story.

Stay safe!

Rick Watson said...

I would have been a nervous wreck until that tow truck got me out of there.
Hope repairs don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Mevely317 said...

Yikes! I'd have been plain terrified. And a 4-hour wait; what's that all about? If y'all are still in the vicinity, one of my son's good friends in Pike Road is a mobile mechanic. Text me? #602-799-4260.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sitting for that long on the side of the road with cars whizzing by so close had to have been a little scary. Hope all goes well and you are on the road again in no time. At least you didn't have to go looking for a bed for the night as yours is right there with you ! Take good care ! Sending hugs from Ohio!

Jackie said...

So sorry this happened to you both...
Glad that help was enlisted, and that you were towed to a truck stop.
Where in Georgia?

Rain said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE Dawn!!! Oooh scary stuff, when I saw those photos you posted with the trucks passing I actually said "yikes" out loud!

Dar said...

WOOOOOOOO, looking at how tight those fast semi's were to your coach would have had me gritting my teeth. Thank the Lord for Dawn. She's a tough one and too bad the two of ya didn't have the parts. Continue to travel safe, man!
love n' hugs from up north where it's still in the sticky 80's

Jean said...

Scary, glad you made it safe to a truck stop, and hopefully you’re back in NC by now.


stay safe. hope you get fixed soon.