Thursday, September 20, 2018

What a mess

I am back on the Laptop. this is sort of an antique. I have Shirl's computer available, however since I do not know pass words, I am pretty much at a loss over there. OF course part of that is my fault. I asked how to change the name of her computer and followed the directions of SOMEONE on the net, now I have locked it up.

I ain't crying  about it, because someone can get in and  open it up.

I was cutting grass and basically picking up the remains of the tropical storm that came thru while we were enjoying  our motor home problem. ;-)  one million little branches fell and a few larger onesl when friend Jim Arp came out.
We talked awhile and I explained about the trip to Mexico. I told him about meeting Tyrone. Since Jim is also famous from that era, he smiled at the story.  He talked about some musicians , him included, who backup up famous stars who recorded in the 50/60era. 

"About that dentist," Jim commented, " I had to see my dentist the other day and he said,  "Jim I am glad to report that your teeth are fine," he said, there was a pause, " Yeah Jim, the teeth look good, but the gums must come out!" (A second later I cracked up.

I can't trust Jim a minute. He has a great sense of humor. I said, "It is good you still have a since of humor, maybe you will live for a second singing career."

"Yeah Jack, If I didn't have a sense of humor I would have been dead a hundred years ago."

We both had a laugh..  I was cutting grass at the time and cut his small front yard.

Update on the  coach.  The maintenance super called to day. "I didn't get any parts I ordered today. That puts you back at least a day.

So here we sit, in a nice home, but missing our HOME on wheels. and yes we still forgot some things that are still in the motor home.

And I know why we prefer to take everything along, life on the road is much more friendly when you have it all in the basement of the motor home.

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your friend jim has a sense of humor for sure. sorry you can't get into shirl's computer. hope your motor home gets fixed soon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice you have a place where you have good neighbors. Sounds like you needed to be there to do some clean up and the addition of a little humor should help to make it easier I'd say. We may have to wait to see what tomorrow brings our way but we should enjoy every day right where we are. I never doubt for a moment that the two of you are leading the good life!

Mevely317 said...

Did I just read correctly? "Someone can get in and open it up." ???
With today's technology I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Still. I'm thinking if something happens to me, I'll ask Tom to remove the hard drive and run his truck back and forth over it. HA.

Crossing my fingers the parts arrive today!

Chatty Crone said...

Of course I hate that this is happening in Georgia. We sound like idiots. Gee you are missing your home - I sure hope it gets fixed soon. Don't forget you have a lot of good things there!!!

betty said...

I would imagine someone can get into the computer, especially if there is money involved in them doing so, LOL. Hoping your parts arrive today so the motor home can start getting fixed. Sitting idle waiting for it to start the process has to be hard, but good that you were able to have a good laugh with your friend Jim.


Lisa said...

Yep Im sure you will find a way into Shirls computer somehow. A computer geek (or you) can do a factory restore if all else fails.
There are several you tube videos that will teach you.
Speaking of computers....My work computer went out and im sitting here trying to work from my iPad by remotly logging in to the work server but im limited on what I can do. There is so much yet to be done and im getting behind. Im currently waiting on the boss to clean and restore his old one for me to start using. Im not having a good day.

From the desk

Dar said...

Shucks on the parts not being in yet.......I don't ' wait ' well. Maybe tomorrow. I like your neighbors sense of humor...a bit like yourself. Nice of you to mow his lawn. As for picking up sticks ~ it coulda been worse.
Good luck with the computer. I know a computer genius but he's way up north by me......hint!
love n' hugs from up north where it's predicted to freeze tonight. so. the houseplants and garden produce that doesn't like frost either, are all inside.