Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Odds and ends, inspired games

Early interesting Cars:
                                    Gme cars

And so today:
In the 1950’s there was a lot of original entertainment. At school in Valdese during lunch breaks boys and some girls played something like miniature volley ball with a paper cup filled with paper and folded over to form ‘sort of a ball’ it was batted back and forth by hand like volley ball or ping pong.
Boys played Red Hands. One player extends their hands forward, roughly at arm's length, with the palms down. The other player's hands, also roughly at arm's length, are placed, palms up, under the first player's hands. The object of the game is for the second player to slap the back of the first player's hands before the first player can pull them away. If the slapping player misses, the players swap roles and play again.
Another one. After a sandlot impromptu ball game boys would go to a local store and get a nickel soda. All glass soda bottles are embossed with the city of origin. Out of habit every boy would hold his bottle up and look at the bottom where bottle origination was embossed. If someone found their bottle that was from ‘out of town’, i.e. Atlanta, Raleigh or Norfolk, they would say something like, “I will ‘Out of Town’ you for a dime!” every once in a while someone else who got a bottle from out of town would take the bet.” Then if the furthest distance was not obvious a vote would be taken.
Funny how entertaining some simple games were. Hi tech is nice, but humans can entertain themselves in any situations. This all came to mind when Rick, from down in Alabama, found an RC bottle. I automatically wondered if it was from Birmingham or Atlanta. When I find an old soda bottle, out of habit,  I ALWAYS look at the bottom to see the origin. LOL
Imma simple complicated guy. LOL

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Woody said...

I remember High School Games, we played "Dodge Ball", It was grades 8 thru 12, maybe 4 teams of 12 boys, and that red rubber ball side the head could and did knock you off your feet, we also played slap hands, boy could some of those older guys really crack the back of my hand!!! The best was we learned to "Square Dance" during our 55 minute lunch break ! We also had "Sock Hop" dances, We were active !! Sitting here watching and listening to teriffic Thunderstorm and heavy rain ! Take care you 2!! Gary

betty said...

Those were great games to play! I think a lot of imagination is no longer here for kids since they have so much to entertain them. When one has little or nothing, one becomes inventive on how to have fun with friends any time of the day.


Susan Kane said...

We played "Red Rover" at recess. "Red rover, red rover, let (name) come over" then (name) raced, trying to get to the side without getting tagged. If you got tagged, then you belonged to the other side. I usually got tagged.

Lisa said...

I remember the boys playing football with paper folded into triangles. Some boys would take extreme accuracy to get there football just right. That game was always a big deal.
The girls were more into folding papers to play a finger game by guessing the squares to open and reveal who was gonna have the most children or get married first. haha

From Gtown

Mevely317 said...

Gee, now I feel like I've been living under a rock … I've never heard of any of these games. How great if today's 'kids' employed the same imagination as you and your friends.
I've not seen Tom drink anything but canned soda, but should he get a bottle you bet I'm going to take a look-see at the bottom!

yaya said...

Growing up we only had 3 TV channels and sitting around watching that every day instead of being outdoors was just not something we did. Statue Maker was a game we played in the neighborhood. A few other games were fun but had not very politically correct names so I'll just say we were never bored. If we even thought we were bored Mom and Dad would find things for us to do that weren't much fun!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Children left to their own resources can always find a way to have fun. It doesn't take a lot of fancy games, it only takes an active imagination. I remember the days when hours of fun could be had with a cardboard box or my laundry basket. I never had to tell my children to go outside and play, although it was a job to get them back inside at times. They had so much fun and not with computer games. How life's changed. I worry that theree minds are not being used they way they should.