Thursday, August 29, 2019

That cannot be an antique…

                  A 1952 DEsota, New when I was in the 9th grade.
And so today:
Once Son Mark and his cousin Steve Helms came back from a trip with the pickup loaded with farm stuff from a farm auction. I saw a ‘Manual Size or Sycle ‘on the truck with wooden forks above the blade.  I said I have never seen one of those, it must be an antique.

My BIL Sonny Helms was known to say in his later years, “That cannot be an antique, I used one of them.” He said the same that day, but I don’t remember what he called it. Some of you farmers will know the name. I couldn’t find a good picture, but I think these workers are using them:

I have been pretty busy in my play area. I have been restoring antiques. I laughed when MA said in her blog, when at first you do not succeed TRy again. I read that just after I noticed the top of the Buffet Cabinet I am working on would have to be stripped again. So I did: Here it is now:

But I am most proud of two hand made antiques. An end table and night stand.  The Night stand here:

Is solid walnut made from rough lumber planed and built by a 13 year old kid:

This is the end table, it is soft white pine built by the same kid in Shop class, Valdese, NC High School:

Those have been in several families’ homes. Both had about 5 coats of different color paints and many repairs over the years.
It is hard to think I am restoring antiques that I made myself.  LOL Most amazing is that they are still around after being passed around the Siblings and parents homes.

I also did something for me. I covered my work table with this pretty excess blue formica from son Mark.   I needed some color. LOL

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you have been keeping busy and that my quotes kept you going! I bet you got it right now! I have an old buffet of similar look. It's mahogany and I've been saying I'd refinishing it for years., But unlike you I gave up and still polish it up when I clean house jut the same. It's old and looks old. I'm sure it is an antique.

Woody said...

I like working on small pieces of furniture, I worked on small 3 shelf stand that was up over the garage, sanded it, stained it and it is now beside the bed as a ight stand for a lamp ! Our weather had dropped back down into the lower 70's, confortable outside working in the yard ! Mu work bench is green, hacked, cut, banged up, I gave some formica to cover it but afraid it would be too slippery !
Take care, hope this storm passes you by !! Gary

Mevely317 said...

I've never tried refinishing old pieces of furniture … or even making them! Color me, IMPRESSED! That soft pine end table looks like something my friends' parents used as a telephone stand in their living rooms. (Ours hung on the wall by the kitchen.)

Somedays I feel like an antique myself … but prefer the term, 'vintage.' Ha!

Chatty Crone said...

I love EVERYTHING you did.
Can you send some of your GET IT DONE to my hubs?

yaya said...

Great job! I found an almost identical buffet in the garage of an antique shop. It was painted hunter green and after stripping it I found a beautiful wood underneath. My son fell in love with it and I said, "Hey, it's yours!" They still have it in their home and it's traveled many miles with them. So much satisfaction restoring something that was left for, if I could get a few of my parts restored! Ha!

betty said...

How neat you restored things you had made! I bet doing so brought back so many wonderful memories!


Dar said...

I just ' knew ' that 13 yr. old boy was you....the reason these pieces have stood the test of time was because they were lovingly and perfectly well made. Now days everything is stapled together.....I'll bet yours don't have a single staple in them. Great work. I have a similar buffet too that could also use a little tender loving care. In the barn, my antique icebox still awaits attention. Soon. Now to get Bill to help me move it to the shop. hmmm Rarely do I disrupt his firewood making. lol
love n' hugs from up north where we woke to 50's weather. brrrr, my bones aren't ready for this. Have a safe LaborFree weekend