Monday, February 7, 2022

Heroes should be forever

   My Hero car of the day:

 John Wayne's real horse...

For today:

My brothers were always my heroes. I admired them in those sailor uniforms going off to war. Over my 83 years I have had many heroes.

Gene and Roy were my heroes on Saturday mornings at the show.

And then there was John Wayne.  Like me, millions of people admired that guy.  Shucks even when he was attacked by cancer, He stood up and said, “I will beat this disease!”  I thought, ‘if anyone can he can!’

Oh yeah, I liked ‘Little Joe’ in westerns and Hiway to Heaven. (Michael Landon).

Then there was the creator of ‘Hey,hey hey Fat Albert,’ Bill Cosby. I loved his characters. I listened to his records and liked every TV program he was in. To me he was your average guy, but fantastically talented.

There were teams I liked, and sorta looked up to. There was ‘Laurel & Hardy, Amos and Andy, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Abbot & Costello and the Three stooges.

Well not all of them would be considered heroes, but someone respected or enjoyed; believing they were also GOOD people.

I despise people who seem to ENJOY RIPPING APART images formed over years.  It happens more AFTER the death of that person.

People in the limelight normally do what is expected of them. If they are entertainers of course they do their best for an audience. I hate for someone to say Abbot was an ass to Costello off screen (or vice versa). They ruin MY ENTERTAINMENT on re runs. No one can convince me that The Duke was racist, it irritates me to hear it from a white man.  I never heard it from a black nor Native American.

It is a horse of a different color when someone who seems to be nice/good lives a ‘second life’, even criminal, and it is exposed while they live. THAT really hurts.  It took me a long time to accept that Bill Cosby ‘might’ be guilty as charged. I am finally ‘kinda’ agreeing. ;-( 

It is the same with so called “Men of God” of all stripes, denominations and faiths.  That cuts to the bone when they disappoint believers.

The above is an example of fools acting a 'Men of the Cloth!'

I attended Sunday School every Sunday of my life growing up. I was impressed by the heroes of the Old Testament. I loved Joseph's story, the good guy wins. I felt sorry for Esau, because I liked him.  So I had heroes in Scripture. One was also brother Stephen.

I am a firm believer that the majority of our pulpits are filled with good men and women many of them Heroes..

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Susan Kane said...

Strong heroes to look up to! John Wayne will always be a hero to me and most people who have any moral compass. When one of the heroes falls from their heights, it is really sad.

The rotten performers who gain an audience will slide down those rocky truths. Grr. OH boy howdy, how far?!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

In today's modern times we seem to create celebrities and then do our best to bring them down with gossip.

God bless, Jack and Sherry.

Mevely317 said...

SHOULD be, yes. Then one is left to wonder, how come I couldn't see xxxxxx (fill in the blank). I've heard countless stories about Wayne and others -- to what purpose? And unless someone's a member of their intimate circle, who really knows?

Now you've got me thinking of that splendid Willie Nelson ballad, 'My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.'

Lisa said...

Like they say, “not all heros wear capes”. I’m ashamed to say, I never thought of anyone in the Bible being my hero but when I think about it, there were many heros in the Bible.
My favorite Superhero is Batman. I never missed an episode growing up. The show “”Emergency” with the two firemen, they were my heros too. I love to watch them.


betty said...

I think we all at one point or another in our lives needed heroes to look up to. It is hard when they fall to the ground as they always seem to be just ordinary people at the end of the day capable of making poor choices, saying wrong things, etc. I think the best hero of all is, of course Jesus. He truly said and did what he intended to!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is hard when our heroes don't live up to their hero status. Like you I've had a few. Some days it pays not to listen to what others say and just keep on believing what we do. After all they are our heroes .

Dar said...

All my life, my dad has been my hero even now after he's in heaven's seat. You can't help but love and respect someone who is always genuinely kind and humble as the song goes. Always stay humble and kind. Anyone capable of that is a hero in my book. I agree with Betty in that the best hero is Jesus. It's very hard to walk in His shoes, tho we try. My own kids and husband fit right in there too among my's all a matter of how we see them each day. Life is good.
loven'hugs to you and Sherry from our north where the weather is warming and the snow doesn't seem as cold today.