Friday, February 25, 2022

Our front yard & time

Today’s automobile:

Shrry & jack Jr with our '55 Ford (Abt 1959 in Mississippi)

 And now some thoughts for today:

Our life is different than many. The view out our door and windows changes a lot.  Today is no different.

At this park, just off I-75 below Ocala Florida looking out our front door is a Cow Pasture. We enjoy watching the cows and calves over there. Lots of folks do not know it but Florida, is BIG on horses and cattle. Not just the home of Eastern Citrus crops, fishing lakes, Disney and us Old people. There are many horse breeders and huge Cattle ranches.

This pasture is over 100 acres.  It has been for sale for years. There is a nice brick home and worker living quarters over on the state road. Those have been empty for at least 15 years.  This was formally a trailer housing ranch workers. It was a full active home. Over the last 10 years we have watched it deteriorate.

I love old Live Oaks they are all over Florida, they are eerie looking in the dark and would make a good Alfred Hitchcock Movie. WE just learned that soon we will be looking at 2100 houses vs Cows.  I prefer these cows and trees.

(Funny, lots of folks get upset at the smell of manure, I just smile, that smells like money to the owners LOL)


Florida is a varied and interesting state. We have enjoyed living here over the years and traveling all over the state. I thought this Pandemic would lessen the Sun Birds here, but it seems it has about doubled the number.

Once the weather gets warmer those cattle have many of these Live Oaks for shade and they do take advantage of them. Notice that many of the Oaks have limbs that grow on the ground.

I dread thinking of not traveling, but time and events are catching up and we do have a nice empty home in NC, lately I have missed it.




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Many of our farms have been replaced by housing developments here. When a farmer wants to retire the kids no longer want the farm so they sell their property for a retirement fund. Sad but true. We need our farmers so we can eat. Vegetables and meat. Spring always brings the return of the snow birds here. Many travel to Florida in the winter. I hope to be one of them some day.

Mevely317 said...

That's so cool, having a different view outside the picture window whenever you want! Imagine if some folks had to move each time they grew weary of their home's locale.

The Ocala area is so picturesque and yes, big time horse country. (Take that, Kentucky blue grass!) The live oaks are beautiful in their own way -- and way creepy. Now that you mention it, I'm surprised they haven't been featured in horror movies.

yaya said...

We live in a rural area here in Ohio...Amish country. The smell of manure isn't foreign to us. I could do without the pig manure though! I've been to Florida many times since I was a kiddo. My brother lives in Fort Myers but I haven't been down to visit him yet. Hopefully we'll make a trip soon. However, as of now I don't have a desire to live there! This winter has been a bit harsh and sometimes I do dream of sun and sand!

betty said...

It saddens me that the cow/tree area will contain so many houses! Never like to give up land like that but I know lots of people are flocking to Florida so I can see they would need some place to live!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

The countryside can be so beautiful with pastures, tress and various cattle. Enjoy your holiday my friend.

Those trees can look frightening at night in the shadows.

God bless.

Dar said...

Oh how I love all the beautiful cars you and Sherry have had throughout the years. Now the old ones are such treasures. You grew up when some of the most sought after vehicles were made, lucky you! We used to raise cattle, hogs, chickens and of course, a horse. We never did mind the smell of our
'progress,' as we called the smell of manure being spread on the field and gardens for fertilizer. I sure am sorry to hear of another grand scene being turned into yet, another housing development. Nothing ruins breathtaking landscape more. So much changes forever. Sad, but true. It's so good to know you still have your NC home to retreat to. You're so blessed as we feel when we head to the cabin if only for a day or two.
loven'hugs from our way northern reaches where the birds are chirping in the sunshine and warmer breezes.