Friday, February 25, 2022

Sherry, The Preselected Millionaire

 That Car:

$2,297 the price of the new 1955 Oldsmobile!

For today:

I have bought a bunch of lottery tickets, I have won maybe $80.00. Probably I have spent around $400 for tickets.  When hiking I would buy tickets in the states we hiked thru and it would give me something to think about in the woods.  Yeah, I know the odds, and buying lottery tickets is silly, BUT then, someone is going to win. LOL.

Everyone is familiar with Publishers Clearing House. We did enter for years. Now you “Win $5000 a week forever!”  Question, how long is forever?  Just curious. In the past 20 years we haven’t thought about Publisher’s Clearing House.


And then, ‘Out of the Blue’ Sherry gets a call. “This is Publishers Clearing House, YOU ARE THE WINNER! You have won $xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!”     pause   “Well aren’t you excited?”

“I haven’t entered in years, how can I win?” asked my Girl.

“Oh that? I know you will be surprised but actually the winner is preselected. YOU ARE IT. You can get an entry and have it ready, I am calling because we give the winnings ahead of time.  You can give the entry to the camera crew when they arrive.”

“That’s all right,” she says, “I’ll pass.”

“What do you want us to do with your winnings?  We can’t just skip it!”

“Donate it to Charity, she told them and hung up!”

I tried to explain .. we could use a million dollars HONEY, but for some reason she thought it was a scam. Shucks we wuz almost rich! I am going to start answering the phone, once I learn how.

I guess folks fall for that sort of thing, but it is hard to believe. 

In today’s world with the scams and conspiracy theories we are headed down a rocky road.  I want to sit down and make a list one day of all the Get rich schemes I have known  and also the conspiracy theories that never came to pass and the believers don’t seem to notice, they already have another one to fall for and believe.

Anyway I am waiting for a call from Las Vegas, to tell me that the slot machine that I thought had taken my money was wrong and they are sending me my $508,265.36, which I should have brought home.  ;-)

Jerry Clower Joke: Marcelle went to Las Vegas in a $2,000 car……..  He came back in a $95,000 bus!


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PS: “I put the phone conversation above together using just Sherry’s side…”



betty said...

There is a guy at work who has won a lot by playing the lottery. He said several years back he won $40,000 (and I believe that he did). I asked him his secret and he said "you got to play to win" meaning, as he told me, that he always for years bought several tickets a week. So I guess the odds finally were in his favor and he won that money. We always dream of winning big with the lottery but we don't play it except for the occasional ticket when the jackpot is really high.

There are lots of scams out there for sure. One has to be diligent in making sure they don't fall for them too. There are some wacky conspiracy theories out there but I would venture to say in some of them there is a bit of truth incorporated in them somewhere. Again, due diligence in sorting through them. It is not often what we see that we need to make a decision or judgment about but what is going on that they don't want us to see.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

A friend of mine always prayed to God to win the lottery. He prayed and prayed for years but he never won.

When he died he asked God, "I prayed daily asking to win the lottery. I even promised to give half my winnings to charity. Why did you not let me win?"

God replied, "At least give me half a chance and buy a lottery ticket!"

God bless.

yaya said...

I don't play the lottery although I get tickets for games with the family at Christmas and Easter. Sometimes we get small winners...$20 or so. My Mom always entered the PCH and bought tons of junk from them until my Sister put an end to it. Mom really thought she was going to win. If she had that phone call she would have probably fainted! I was thinking they would ask Sherry for her SS# and bank account # so they could "deposit" the winnings! Ha! So many scams!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd tend to go with Sherry's thinking it was some kind of a scam. But it would make one wonder. We have to be so cautious these days to avoid the scams going on around us all the time. Better safe than sorry I'm thinking. Anyway you two are rich in family and love. Most times that beats any money you could have .