Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Stuff and one more on pictures, water falls

 Today’s automobile:

 And now my amazing thoughts for today ;-) :

I noticed in Myra’s comment she had lived in Florida and had never smelled the orange blossoms. I do understand that. We lived in Florida for a lot of years and traveled all over the state. It was a long time before I was near the groves when the smell was PERFECT!  It is something to remember.

I like water falls also, not many of those in Florida. This one is at Bear Cave, in Michigan. you get wet walking by this one. the cave is behind the falls.

This is an early Indian picture of the Cave before it was developed as an RV area.

However, on my mind today is a couple places that really stick out in my mind.  The below photo was probably the most beautiful site of water I remember, except the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas, those are another story of VAST beauty.  In my mind today are water falls. We have seen some beauties, including Niagara but the one below is the combination of several falls that make the shot unique.

This is on the Snake River in Idaho. We were in search of the site of Evil Knievel’s failed jump using a jet cycle.  The site was nothing special, but these falls ARE extra special.

 Above is the river where Evil attempted the jump.



Mevely317 said...

Gorgeous! Not as majestic as what you've pictured, but I understand there's some pretty falls right here in Alabama. Now that Tom seems back on the road to recovery, we really need to get out and explore beyond I-65!

Just occurred to me, do the Cherry Blossoms in DC also have a distinct aroma?

betty said...

Wow, impressive with those falls! I bet such an awesome sight to see in person! There is just something majestic about waterfalls. I could watch them all day!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Amazing the amount of water that falls down every minute from those falls - day in day out.

God bless always, my friends.

NanaDiana said...

Beautiful images. One of the prettiest sets of falls I have seen is Watkins Glen in NY. You can walk alongside them and behind some of them. The farm I grew up on was next to my uncle's farm. On that farm was a set of three waterfalls. The first one was about 60' down on to a flat rock plaza...then the 2nd one was about 12' from top to the fall...the third fall had a sharp drop and a big old swimming hole that was ice cold even on the hottest summer day. xo Diana.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are blessed to have some lovely water falls in our town. It is said our town grew because these falls powered flour mills. They are beautiful and we have a nice riverwalk to view them. Those you pictured remind me of our falls but perhaps not quite as tall.