Thursday, February 10, 2022

Value vs Price

  Memorable car of the day:

This Lamborghini is a work of art, but not the paint job!


For today:

My mind compares costs to value.  At times I get confused, when milk is $1.50 a gallon one week and next week it is $2.50 it bothers me. It wouldn’t bother me if I had heard of some disaster or act of nature had destroyed some of the dairy industry that is normal.

I am not sure collectors are logical. When the price of a toy doll is $2.00 when it is born, and sells for $20,000 40 years later I scratch my head. Collectors?

Check that out, the 1901 Morgan Silver Dollar if you melt it down it is worth $18.11 cents in precious metals. BUT for collectors the value goes from $3000.00 to $420,000.

Now to someone who is not a serious collector, that makes NO sense whatsoever.  It is a dollar for heaven’s sake.

I want to kick myself at times because my first trip to London I was amazed at the size of the penny.  It was about the size of our half dollar. Many dated back to the late 1800s.  Why did I not bring a handful back? They were BIG pennies for goodness sake. I would guess they are sorta valuable now.

Hey coins and dolls are chump change to Art collectors. Remember ‘The Starry Night’ by van Gogh?  If you could buy it, you would pay OVER $100 Million.  Now folks I think I know beauty, and to me, I would probably pass that up for $78 at a yard sale. Yeah, yeah, I know nothing about art but I KNOW there must be something in technique, history, style or application that I do not and cannot understand.  Because I know no one is stupid enough to give over $100 million, if there wasn’t something to it. But as a simpleton, I cannot see it.

I mean, people buy paintings valued more than their homes at times.  Now maybe if I were a billionaire I just might think different, who knows?

I read this once:

I was poor,,, I worked, I was happy.

I was middle class,,,  I worked, I was happy.

I would like to try Rich, I think I could be happy there too!!

I don’t expect to be wealthy. BUT I bet you one thing, Imma look thru my Morgan Silver dollars and if I have that one above I will sell it, if there is a buyer!!  LOL

 Nite Shipslog

 PS:  Of course Roadster sold for $550 back in 1932....

I would give $2000 for one now.   LOL  But it is a car for heaven's sake!  

(I could get one for $42,000, but I will wait until the price drops, besides Sherry won't give me that much mad money!) LOL


betty said...

The catch is of course getting someone willing to pay the price for what they consider valuable. Prices could easily drop and people could lose a lot of money. So I guess there are risks with buying what is considered collectible. I don't have to worry about it since I will never have the money to buy anything like that lol.


Susan Kane said...

Sherry knows where money needs to stay. $$$ for a bag of regular quarters?
Gas here in Calif is about $5.45. High boost gas is $5.25. Don't get me started on rolls of TP.

Mevely317 said...

Gosh Jack, methinks you've been doing some serious thinking of late!
Like a lot of people, I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don't know a thing about 'fine art' and would be hard pressed to even identify an example. For instance, a number of years ago I had an occasion to visit a brownstone in NYC whose owner had a Picasso hanging in the entry. Mind you, it was very small -- but an original all the same. I thought it was one of the ugliest things I've ever seen in my life! Nope, I just know what I like and that's good enough for me.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I never understood why some people pay so much for an old masterpiece, or an antique or whatever. Sure, it is unique, but so is the painting I did this morning.

God bless.

Dar said...

And then, who is trustworthy enough to give us what our coins are actually worth??????probably no one. Ours will go to the grandloves someday. Some already have.
loven'hugs from our north where, Yes, it's snowing again....big, fluffy, snowflakes that are accumulating.