Saturday, May 21, 2022

Projected times…

That Car:

This old '28-29 has been waiting a long time for a fill up!


For today:

I have noticed over my many years when agreements to be accomplished at a certain time or date, USUALLY the one making the agreement give themselves some wiggle room.

 As an example, when in business when I was sure I could build a house in 70 days I would guarantee it in 90-100 days. SOOOO when Mr. Dentist Office said ‘the Bridge would be ready in 14 business days.’ Friday would have been 12-13 days I was SURE it would be ready in 9-11 days. Huh uh. So Monday or Tuesday will be the dead line.

 Any other dentist office I have known would make an appt for the installation of the bridge in a few days once the bridge is in hand; but not this one. I wouldn’t be surprised to get a call and ask, “Can you come in with in the hour?” They do stack patients. LOL

I have had a not so friendly friend here in Leesburg (we are back in Leesburg in the trailer front yard.) Friend is a black lizard. He lives somewhere under the coach near the back.  He went to Wildwood with us for 3 weeks. I talked to him a few times over there. I noticed as I unhooked the car he came out to say Hi, and that he was glad to be back home.  But I think the dude is beginning to like riding. LOL

I asked if he wanted to go to NC with us, he said let me think about that!  He is named simply ‘Blackie.’ I can remember that! ;-)

Y’all be good, we hope to head for NC asap, once the bridge is in place.


Nite Shipslog

PS:  Just thinking, this is a changing world….

Tip for a successful marriage: Don’t ask your husband when dinner will be ready while he’s mowing the lawn.


betty said...

Oh my, a lizard as a traveling companion! Not sure I would be happy with that. He/she truly would be an unwelcomed guest! Hoping your bridge comes in soon and gets put in place so you can be on the road again! I'm sure you are "itching" to do so, Jack!


Mevely317 said...

I don't think I've ever seen a black lizard. Ours (green and brown) are darn cute, but I always fear for their lives should one of our girls get too near.

The more I hear about your dentist, the more I'm UNimpressed. I know you had no idea going in, but once the bridge is successfully in place, you won't have to see him again.

yaya said...

No lizards up North here but plenty of toads! Your dentist sounds like goofball but hopefully that bridge will arrive quickly and you can kiss him goodbye! (along with the lizard!) I mow the yard and make dinner but Jack wouldn't think of asking when dinner would be ready if I was mowing! He knows I might just "accidentally" run him over! Ha!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It will be interesting to see if that lizard takes the trip with you to NC. The time is getting closer for your trip and I'm sure you'll be glad to be back home. Hope all goes well and quickly!