Thursday, May 5, 2022

This Blog called ‘Shipslog’

 That Car or truck:

 This 2003 Silverado was new when I started this blog...

That truck still looks up to date to me....

For today Remembering:

Back in 2003, I started on line with AOL Journals. 2004 Sherry & I were planning a trip around the USA with Sonny & Collette (S & BIL).  They were family/home folk and wanted to keep the family up to date so we used the ‘Shipslog Journal’ to keep both our families up to date.

We used the Journal across country and back. It had become a habit so I kept it up until AOL decided to Drop the Journals in 2008. They gave everyone a chance to save the Journal, but I opted out and just continued on Blogger. I do wish I had saved that journal, but that is water under the bridge. So this has been a habit for nearly 20 yrs.

I have thought of saving this one, but I ask myself, why? I have written most of this stuff pertaining to family in a published book.

I smiled at a graphic on ‘Meverly’ showing an older lady in front of a china cabinet with a quote to a younger person, “Just think, one day this will be yours!”  It is a graphic that displays the 'sometimes' miss-thinking of seniors.

Yep take the white 'two tone' off and you  have Avon After shave.

Example: I inherited a BIG collection of AVON bottles, once the rage. DIL took them to sell on ebay. HA! The laugh was on us, who wants those neat little designed bottles now? (I saved two of them, both ’55 chevies.)

I remember a quote of my dad’s, “One of the smartest People in the world is the one who knows junk, the day before it is an Antique.”  I have thought about that a lot and now wonder who is smart enough to know a ‘Collector’s Item’, a week before it becomes junk!

Do you have any Vinyl’s, 45’s or 78’s?  Do most people even know what I mean when I write it?  I think I have a few!  WHY? Most collections mean something ONLY to the collector... Now if you are collecting $100 bills that just may be a different story....  LOL

 Nite Shipslog

PS:  I’m thinking:

The job interviewer said:

“The starting pay is $40,000. Later it can go up to $80,000.”

 “Great, I’ll start later.”


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to have a large collection of Avon Bottles too and gave a lot away to family. Yes I wanted to share my stuff with them, but no one really wanted them or any of what I called my treasures. They want new stuff that they buy themselves not old stuff that's been around forever. Someday I suppose it will all be sold or given away to thrift stores. Who knows someone else might consider it a treasure too.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Hope this comment is published. I commented before and they were lost.

Antiques, like most things, follow fashions. Sometimes an item like a vase is an expensive antique, and the next people like to buy old paintings, or statues instead.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

Laughing out loud at your final quote!
Yes, my dad and mother amassed a goodly amount of Avon bottles, sure they'd be worth something. Unfortunately -- perhaps fortunately -- they were left in mother's attic when the house sold.

I don't know what will happen to my mother's glassware, the doilies, etc. when I'm gone. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying using most of it.

yaya said...

We've been working on getting rid of "stuff" and hopefully my kids won't want to dig us up and smack us for leaving them with a ton of it! Yes, I have albums..Beatles and many more. That's on the list of "stuff" to be taken care of. One man's junk is another's treasure!

betty said...

We have a couple of old Avon bottles/containers here too. My hubby is holding on to them to see if they will be worth something one day, though I doubt they will, lol. I was surprised that old records came back in style and some are worth a lot of money! But then one can't keep everything they had unless they would be considered hoarders or have a huge house where they can store things. To me, that is why the Bible is such a book of truth as Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes talks about men toiling to get possessions and then the possessions they have will be passed down to someone who might not even want them. Lots of truth in that statement I do believe!