Saturday, May 20, 2023

Do YOU have a WILL?

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I have said this before, My dad told me when he moved to Belmont, NC that he finally decided to record a ‘Last Will and Testament’.  When he entered the office he said to the attorney, “I need to make a will in case I die!”


He said the attorney looked at him smiling and said, “We need to get something straight Reverend, it is not ‘IN CASE YOU DIE’, it is ‘When you Die!’


We have a dear friend, her previous husband had died and she remarried, not unusual.  But now that gentleman has passed and was sick for an extended time, knowing death was certain since there was no cure in the waiting.  I was shocked and disappointed that he did not have a will. Thus leaving his wife in a bad position since now 2 families are involved.


Life today hinges on LAWs. The normal events and standards are: when a mate dies intestate unless unusual circumstances exist, all possessions legally go to the remaining spouse, as it should.




Even a handwritten declaration is better than nothing. Death with a will is trauma enough, but leaving without a will puts a terrible load on those left.  WE should not do that to the ones we love, it is not fair.


Have you faced any legal obstacles regarding the death of a loved one; or even wills themselves. I certainly have.


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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Good advice, Jack. Thank you.

God bless always.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No I don't have a will. I really need to do that. We did make one when the children were young, but it really needs updated. I suppose that is better than nothing at all. I end named the executer of my Mom and Dad's will, but every thing was to be divided equally between my two sisters and me. We worked together and got everything done, but it wasn't easy, especially selling their house.

Mevely317 said...

Timely post, Jack! I've one of these "do it yourself" State of Alabama templates sitting on top of this desk for a few months now. The Area Agency of Aging, in fact, has an in-house legal counsel who reviews these things "free for nothing" -- but do you think I've availed myself?
Tom, on the other hand, refuses to even talk about such things -- scary, considering we each have children from previous marriages.

After this week, we're going to have to have a capital-D(iscussion).

salemslot9 said...

Not yet. 🥺

Lisa said...

This is something we always talk about doing but never do. I really want to get one.