Friday, May 5, 2023


 To update our location, We are now in an RV park called Southern Palms.  It is huge but not full because most of us snow birds and wanderers have headed to places unknown.

I was raised in a era of TRUST.  When a man or woman's word was their BOND. A handshake was as good or better than a signed notarized contract.   I have been very cryptic lately and I am sorry, but somethings  cannot be published on this or other public sites.

Years ago I lost my then, best friend.  He was my BIL, Sonny Helms. As I felt the weight of his Casket I looked every pallbearer in the eye and said, "Boys, if you ever told this man a secret of yours, it is in this casket!"  To me that is one of the best testimonies to a FRIEND!  

In the last two weeks I have dealt with two small business men.  Neither were as good as their word, I was very  disappointed.  I did not lose anything except the trust I had put in them.

I hope you have a friend you can confide in.  I am fortunate enough to have my best friend as a wife.   At times lately I am afraid she gets tired of my whimpering.    ;-O

Thoughts: When I was a young man,  just starting to drive I heard, "There is a man in Texas that developed a carburetor that will get a car over 50 miles to a gallon. But the Oil Men had him killed and his invention is in a safe. They never want to lose that oil and gas money!"

Did I  believe that? Not half!

Today I heard that there is a cure for cancer but the drug folk and Doctors do not want it exposed, they would lose too much money. Do I believe that?  No sir, I do not.

I wondered if the same thing was said about a cure or a prevention for Polio?  If so, Jonas Salk did not know about that and became famous and a savior for us kids. My girl and I were in different towns at that time but we both remember the fear, and pictures of the Iron Lung machines holding hundreds of kids. We knew people who died and others who were crippled by that terrible disease.

NO! My belief is that there are many honest doctors and scientists who would love to find that cure. I trust that many work day and night for a cure and they hate that nasty disease.  We who have lost loved ones to  that filthy killer hope it can be eradicated.

Sorry to ramble...

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Susie said...

I miss when a man's word was golden. Where's a person's pride in a job well done. I am having a bit of roof repair tomorrow. I told the young man to treat me like his own grandmother. He swears he will. I told him then that I will talk him and his work up to all I see. I will let you know how that goes. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Woody said...

I remember well when a "Handshake" closed a deal or made a Bargain. Also glad to see a Post up and you getting back in the grove !
Take it easy and behave, sending down love and Prayers from the North ! Gary and Anna Mae

Unknown said...

Ramble all you want it's your blog and we're here to listen to your ramblings. Sorry you had two unfortunate dealings with business men who didn't keep their word. Unfortunately, there's a lot of that lately. Hope you and Sherry are doing well.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Trust is such an exceptional thing. When you trust someone to do what they say, you give them your heart. When we loose that trust, it crushes us. I'm glad you recognized the importance of it. It is so important in our world today. Hope they do finally find a cure for cancer. We need it badly.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I'm so glad you're back Blogging. You had me worried and praying overtime on my knees for you. I'll get up now.

Times have changed. Nothing is the same no more. Sometimes it's as if you can't trust anyone. We've had problems with tradesmen too.

Keep well and safe and trust in God.

God bless.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack - I too miss the world when it was honest and trustworthy. I think I know what you are talking about.

Mevely317 said...

I love what you said to your fellow pallbearers, Jack! Now, THAT's the highest form of praise I can think of.

Yep, I've heard some of these 'theories' and honestly, some don't seem so far-fetched. Because I know very LITTLE about a LOT of nuthin' I'm not intelligent enough to venture an opinion. (Sometimes that doesn't stop me from opening my mouth, but I'm getting better.)

Tom and I are so saddened about your current situation; your stress. Praying hard for you and Sherry!

salemslot9 said...

Best friend I can confide in = my husband
My Mom said I could always keep a secret
High compliment