Sunday, May 7, 2023

Typing & birthdays


 1954 Mercury

 For today:

Is typing still taught in school? Sherry took it and I think got up to 80-100 words a minute. She used that skill in several jobs over her lifetime. She earned many awards, as a dedicated worker.

Long ago I taught myself to type. I never was good enough at this to look at what I type (vs keys), but now I must learn to do that.  I bought a new laptop. I have had to cover the touch pad I tend to hit it with a lazy thumb and move my typing to another part of the page, then I must spend minutes finding where I am, and making corrections.

(I must get dedicated like this guy and look at the screen!)
Many a time I have been looking at the keys as I hit them and not be typing a thing on the screen, LOL

I prefer a PC & keyboard, but as much as we travel, I spend a lot of time moving systems.  Sherry has switched to a tablet and her phone and is doing great. I am proud of how she has learned to handle it.

(I must quit staring at the KB like this guy!)

With the PC in this motorhome I was using the passenger’s seat away from my girl who was here at the kitchen table. With this Laptop I am now back close to her, I sorta like being close to that ‘older’ woman.

I was fortunate to corral this beauty from a grade above me in school. We laugh about her being 2 years older than me for two months every year, then I catch up and she is only a year older. Some folks say she raised me well, but at times she feels like a failure ;-).

Years ago I asked her what her birth day was and she said, “November 6th.”

“What year?” I asked.

“Every year,” was her smart aleck retort.  We did get a good laugh out of it.

Birthdays? I remember very well my dad’s birthday was 1903. In my mind I can still hear him say when asked his birthday he would respond, “I was born back in in “Oh Three”.

I think of that now, many kids today can say the same thing, in 1970-80-90 I never thought there was soon coming a time when kids again would be born in ‘Oh one (two, three, etc)’


I am still cognizant enough to know at best I have about 10 years left here. Dad has been gone 50 years, I hope someone will remember me 50 years after I am gone. ;-), dreaming aren’t I!!!!!

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Jack you are very memorable, there will be someone to remember you as long as any of your family lives. And you have written books that will live on for a long time. I took typing in school too, but was not as good as Sherry. If I got 60 words per minute I was doing good . I'm sure I'm not as fast as that now, but I can still type without looking at the keyboard . We have a rainy day here, hope you all are enjoying that sunshine !

Mevely317 said...

Of course you'll be remembered -- in large part due to your writings, both pen-and-ink + Ship's Log! I'm envious, actually.
40 years. In retrospect it doesn't seem that long ago I was having the best time of my life, in the best part of my life.

Congratulations on figuring out that laptop ... both of you! My only experience using one: My boss' boss (witchy-witch) came to visit and asked me to proofread something she'd been working on. No worries, right? I accidentally hit that dang pad and wiped it all out. At least I think that's what happened. She said she'd be able to recover the document, but not before I swore off laptops forever and ever.

Woody said...

Someone, Somewhere will say,"Remember Jack Darnell", I was Googling the Internet and I saw something called a "Blog" and I read some of his Posts and he was very Interesting ! Him and some Fells named "Woody" posted some interesting reading 40 ago !
Enjoy your Posts, You 2 enjoy and take Care, Sending down Love and Cares: Gary and Anna Mae

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I still use an old fashioned quill to write. I sharpen the end of the feather and then use it to tap on the keyboard.

I have learnt a lot from your Blog, Jack. Thank you so much.

God bless.

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