Saturday, May 6, 2023

Lost in space & mentally wandering




For today:

At times when you are old, you forget, you feel lost. I am a citizen of the USA. Like my brothers in Uniform I even swore to defend it with my life. Our constitution declares there will be a separation of church and state.

I am a firm believer that this country was founded on the Ten Commandments.

In the early 1920s (before my time ;-)) some legislators decided since they did not believe in drinking alcohol the Years of Prohibition began. And so opened the gates for criminals. It started an organized Underworld that lives until this day. Many well known wealthy citizens became multi millionaires with illegal-booze.

To me that law shows the old saying, “You cannot legislate morality!”

NOW my bone of contention.

Abortion!  I am not in favor of Abortion as birth control. BUT in MY opinion, there are many exceptions. I tell anyone, if a Dr. would have told me, “Jack, Sherry will die if she continues this pregnancy!”  Believe me I would say “Terminate, if in fact the fetus is a child, Jesus will accept it in his arms and I will still have the sweetheart HE gave me.”

Legislating morality makes criminals out of many normal human beings when they do not see right and wrong the way you do.

Some people see all ‘killing’ as murder, such as criminal executions. ME? I think someone who rapes and kills a young child deserves to die. In my home county a man 19 years old gave a 16 yr old girl fentanyl and she died. Forgive me, but IMO he doesn’t deserve to live.

All right, in a way I am sorry I posted this.  BUT I am sick of things that come up and cause HATE to be spawned.  I cannot remember a time that political and religious stands caused brothers to hate brothers, REFUSING an opinion different from yours.

The above are my opinions.  

Concerning the 19 year old man above, I feel for his parents, they are in turmoil.  The parents of the 16 yr old are seeing a grave and a daughter who will never wear that cap and gown with her peers because of some FOOL looking to satisfy his lusts.

We have had drug catastrophes before in this world, BUT this Fentanyl Crisis is the WORST of the WORST,

Nite Shipslog

PS:  There were 70,601 deaths in 2021 caused by that drug. Before this ends you will know someone effected or even that dies from Fentanyl!!!!!  SO SAD!


Chatty Crone said...

I don't believe in drugs or abortions - but I think that an individual has to make their own decision - and when they do they will be judged or not judged for what they did - but why argue and fight and waste money?

Mevely317 said...

Thoughtful and well-said, Jack.
I don't know whatever happened to 'meet you in the middle', but the hate which exists between sides is beyond sobering. Don't even get me started on gun control/mental health!

Thank you for feeling free to share your opinions with those of us willing to listen!