Thursday, May 11, 2023

Now, in Florida just thinking


The 1949-50 Nash.  It was referred to as the 'Bath-tub' design!

Now for today!

I have heard for many years about ‘Condo Agreements’ and problems folks have had getting out of the rock-solid contracts. We had heard about ‘RV Parks Usage Contracts’ and steered away from them for years.  

Finally, we did join one and enjoyed the benefits that paid off several years. Not one complaint, a sweet time.

However, the contract is a ‘lifetime’ commitment with many ‘got you’ clauses that are down played by salesmen. Over the years bigger companies bought our contract and the benefits got diluted. Now it is near impossible for us to make more than one reservation during a winter in Florida.

(THIS IS NOW after Snow Bird time, NO Problem getting a reservation, this is my view)

(Normally you would see wall to wall RVs!)

At present we do not seem to get value for the dollar and seldom can get reservations when we would like them. We have nearly reached that “it doesn’t matter age” so we just grin and bear it.

Many people have regrets over purchases. We have been very fortunate over the years and have made very few decisions that came back to bite us, thank goodness.

BUT that multimillion dollar lottery ticket keeps being illusive.. and I am not convinced yet about the ‘Wart Remover’ I bought. LOL  However, once traveling thru Arizona I won $76.00, ;-)

Made any bad purchases?  Won any lottery money?

I did have a lady tell me once, “Jack when you got Sherry, YOU WON THE LOTTERY!”  I definitely could not agree more….

God is Good!


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salemslot9 said...

Loaning money to family members.
Finding out they think they’re entitled
& pay you back with a bad attitude.
My biggest winning ticket $100.
My John $200.
So far...

Chatty Crone said...

Jack do you still have to pay for that club you are in?

Susan Kane said...

Thousand Trails campground courted us when we had three young children. It was so inviting, and we would loved to join, but we knew what it was. My husband's parents bought all sorts of timeshares, and that became a trap too.

A lady told you the truth, for sure.

Mevely317 said...

Ooooh ya, I've foolishly parted with good money on several occasions. It's probably a good thing Alabama doesn't allow Lottery tickets to be sold.

Tom and I were just yakking last night about RV-ing. One of his friends in Arizona has (agreed to) rent a 26' coach for 3 weeks this summer and will be visiting us on their cross-country excursion. That sounded darn attractive -- until I remembered I can't even back my Camry out of a tight spot while at Publix.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

No ... I never won the lottery or any big prize. I used to be the caller at our Church Club Bingo sessions though. I called the numbers in Latin to make sure only Catholics win.

God bless.